How to choose and where to buy a dressing table for the bedroom

Any woman needs a place where you can store makeup and apply makeup. The spacious bedroom will be decorated with an inexpensive dressing table with a mirror and lighting. For those for whom the mirror surface and additional lighting are not important, there are models without them, intended only for storing accessories. Or small items with a folding mirror that does not take up too much space. There are many options, so everyone has the opportunity to choose dressing tables for arranging women's territory to their taste.

What is a dressing table

Today, the dressing table in the interior plays two roles: functional and decorative. Often such a piece of furniture is only part of the decor of the bedroom, bathroom and is not used for its intended purpose. Sometimes it is completely absent, since it is not particularly necessary. If a woman takes care of herself, has many cosmetics, jewelry, then the product becomes indispensable. Furniture creates convenience, comfort during the morning and evening toilet, creating hairstyles, applying makeup.


Depending on the functionality and dimensions, this type of furniture is divided into four main types:

  1. Classical. Such a cosmetic table is equipped with a three-dimensional mirror panel, in front of which it is convenient to put yourself in order. There are still small boxes where you can store cosmetics, jewelry, various little things.
  2. Dressing table. Here the mirror is large, in it you can see yourself completely, evaluating the image from the hairstyle to the shoes.
  3. Trellis. These dressing tables have three mirrored surfaces: one in the center and two movable on the sides. This design allows you to see your reflection in three dimensions.
  4. Some modern products have a hinged mirror panel that hides inside the furniture and opens as needed.


The dimensions of the table must be selected depending on the space of the room and the wishes of the hostess. It is best to make a dressing table to order, voicing the specialist your preferences, the right number of drawers, the size of the mirror panel, color scheme, and furniture dimensions. You should not put too small a product, since there is not enough space in the bedroom, or very large so that a lot of things fit. In both cases, it will be uncomfortable for you to sit; a height of 80 cm is considered optimally comfortable.

Modern dressing tables

Now this piece of furniture is presented in many options, so it is possible to choose a product that suits the general theme of the interior, the size of the room and the requirements of the woman. A roomy women's table, selected in one of the famous furniture factories, will make any room more functional, more practical and more comfortable. Many manufacturers have their own online stores that sell goods remotely. There you can not only see photos of products, but also get advice from experienced professionals.

Often companies hold various promotions, sales, make good discounts, so you can buy elegant furniture for storing cosmetic accessories relatively cheaply. In addition, on the site you can not only make a purchase of your favorite women's table, but also order its delivery by mail to Moscow, St. Petersburg and any other city in Russia.

With a mirror

Elegant dressing tables with a mirror for the bedroom are presented by Vitra. The product "Orchid 3.10" is a great attribute for any woman taking care of herself. Thanks to the two cabinets available, it is possible to store many cosmetics, jewelry and other little things. The design with a folding table top gives you access to a full-length mirror panel:

  • model name: Vitra, dressing table with mirror "Orchid 3.10";
  • price: 14280 rubles;
  • characteristics: dimensions - 890 * 370 * 1850 mm, particleboard 16 mm, MDF 16 mm, color - oak / maple, alder / maple;
  • pluses: folding tabletop, large full-length mirror;
  • cons: expensive.

Dressing table Amelie 14 from Eyes Furniture - a great option for a small bedroom. It does not take up much space, but has a roomy drawer and a convenient shelf for storage. Basic indicators:

  • model name: Glazov Furniture, Amelie 14;
  • price: 8190 rubles;
  • characteristics: width - 80 cm, height - 137.6 cm, frame and facade - chipboard, color - wenge;
  • pluses: movable mirror panel;
  • Cons: no backlight.

With mirror and backlight

A good ladies table with a mirror and lighting offers the company Miraline. The product is suitable for the interior of the bedroom, made in a classic style. The design of the dressing table is minimalistic, without cabinets and drawers, but with a large shelf .:

  • model name: Miraline Ukraine, Omega;
  • price: 7600 rubles;
  • characteristics: width - 80 cm, height - 35 cm, color - warm oak / wenge;
  • pluses: standard type of light;
  • Cons: Lamps not included.

The same company, Miraline, presents a makeup table with a small mirror. Due to its shallow depth, the furniture does not take up much space, which makes it compact, elegant and suitable for use in small bedrooms, and white color visually expands the space. The dressing table is equipped with a wall mirror, so the design does not look bulky. Main parameters:

  • model name: Miraline Ukraine, Lina;
  • price: 10900 rubles;
  • characteristics: color - gloss white, material - chipboard (mirror - MDF);
  • pluses: depth is only 40 cm;
  • Cons: light bulbs not included.


Many women refuse make-up tables due to the lack of additional space in the room. Belloni resolved this issue by creating corner vanity tables that save space. Product 2659 / OV belongs to the premium class, decorated with handmade carvings:

  • model name: Belloni 2659 / OV;
  • price: 65,000 rubles;
  • Characteristics: Made in Italy. Material - glass, solid wood. Color - cherry, walnut, light wood. Dimensions - 170 * 75 * 147 mm;
  • pluses: there is a mirror panel, drawers;
  • cons: very expensive.

A more budgetary model of boudoir tables is presented by the Russian company Visan. The Juliet product is made in the classical style, equipped with handmade carvings. Key performance indicators:

  • model name: Wisan, Juliet;
  • price: 7320 rubles;
  • Characteristics: It is made in Russia. Color - maple. Materials - chipboard (building), MDF (facades), dimensions - 1000 * 1000 * 1500 mm;
  • pluses: 2 closed cabinets, 2 open niches, 4 shelves, mirror;
  • cons: not found.


Such products save space, while performing their main function. Elegant console table Coquette from Natalie-furniture will be a wonderful decoration for a room of a romantic person:

  • model name: Natalie-furniture, Coquette;
  • price: 10880 rubles;
  • characteristics: materials - chipboard, MDF, dimensions - 1200 * 500 * 750 mm;
  • pluses: compact sizes, mirror panel included;
  • cons: not found.

Another excellent option for a hanging table is the German furniture company Villeroy Boch:

  • model name: Villeroy Boch, La Bell A588;
  • price: 63 969 rubles;
  • characteristics: material - solid wood, MDF., Colors - white and raspberry glossy glazed, dimensions - 1350 * 210/575 * 410 mm;
  • pluses: the lamp is included;
  • Cons: no mirror.

Without mirror

The GaivaMebel factory helps those wishing to have such a piece of furniture and at the same time save money by offering a dressing table without a mirror panel:

  • model name: GuyFurniture, "Tango";
  • price: 2330 rubles;
  • characteristics: materials - chipboard, fiberboard, PVC, dimensions - 908 * 343 * 818 mm;
  • pluses: there is 1 shelf and 1 box;
  • cons: not found.

If you do not need a mirror, and a place for storing small things is necessary, pay attention to the dressing table Lotus. The product has one large capacious box:

  • model name: Lotus 12.12;
  • price: 2130 rubles;
  • Characteristics: It is made in Russia. Color - Shimo light / Maple gloss. Material - chipboard, dimensions - 845 * 485 * 790 mm;
  • pluses: does not demand special leaving;
  • cons: not found.

With hinged mirror

If you decide to buy a dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom, pay attention to the folding models, which save space, have additional places for different little things and are much cheaper:

  • model name: MF Master, Riano-5;
  • price: 6670 rubles;
  • characteristics: material - wood, chipboard. Dimensions - 780 * 1106 * 430 mm. Color - Italian walnut. 2 cabinets, 2 drawers;
  • Pluses: under the mirror panel there are additional places for storage;
  • cons: not found.

If you don’t need extra drawers and cabinets, and the mirror is suitable for folding, pay attention to the dressing table from Etagerca with elegant curved legs and an unusual design:

  • model name: Etagerca, Leontina;
  • price: 25,260 rubles;
  • Characteristics: material - solid wood. The color of the countertop - walnut, frame and facade - blue, 3 drawers;
  • pluses: does not take up much space;
  • cons: expensive.


For those who have very little free space in the room and still need a dressing table, OLP Stol company created the product Nadezhda-M07, which is only 600 mm wide, but at the same time is equipped with a mirror and has, in addition to a drawer, two additional additional shelves for storage:

  • model name: OLP Table, Nadezhda-M07;
  • price: 2680 rubles;
  • Characteristics: Production - Russia. Material - chipboard, dimensions - 60 * 38 * 169 cm, color - wenge / maple;
  • pluses: drawer, mirror panel included;
  • cons: not found.

If you need a table only in order to put perfume bottles on it, put jewelry and various magazines, pay attention to the Ricom product, which does not have drawers with shelves or a mirror panel:

  • model name: Ricom, Provence;
  • price: 8849 rubles;
  • characteristics: dimensions - 80 * 45 * 79 cm, color - white, material - wood, MDF;
  • pluses: the surface of the table is decorated with hand-painted;
  • cons: not found.

With trellis

If you prefer ladies' tables with a trellis, pay attention to products from Napoleon Furniture company. Their dressing table No. 2 (trellis) is equipped not only with three mirrors, but with storage places behind them, two cabinets and two drawers. Basic indicators:

  • model name: Napoleon furniture, trellis;
  • price: 6800 rubles;
  • characteristics: dimensions - 900 * 310 * 1780 mm, material - chipboard, MDF, color - walnut;
  • Pluses: additional bedside tables behind mirror shutters;
  • cons: not found.

This trellis will satisfy the requirements of the most capricious beauty and will be an excellent decoration of any modern interior:

  • model name: Blues dressing table, Music collection;
  • price: 29800 rubles;
  • characteristics: material - MDF, painted with chipboard 16 mm, legs - solid wood. Color - black; dimensions - 1300 * 410 * 1792 mm;
  • pluses: five drawers, hinged mirror shutters;
  • cons: dear.


The Italian company Corella Aredamento offers lovers of luxury and convenience a compact women's table made of solid birch. Externally, this piece of furniture resembles exquisite furniture of the tsarist era, adding a special charm to the room. It can also be used as a desk, console:

  • model name: Corella Aredamento, compact table mcm / 0389;
  • price: 161000 rubles;
  • characteristics: country - Italy, material - solid birch, style - Art Deco, dimensions - 120 * 44 * 75 cm;
  • pluses: with finish in the form of a manual application;
  • Cons: high cost.

The budget version of a cosmetic table for women is presented by the company Triya. The Sofia T4 product is made in a minimalist style, no frills. It has one place for storage, in color it fits perfectly into any interior. Sofia T4 mirror dressing table is a great way to save:

  • model name: Triya, Sofia T4;
  • price: 2990 rubles;
  • characteristics: material - chipboard, dimensions - 690 * 1400 * 460 mm, color - Wenge Tsavo / Belfort Oak;
  • pluses: a mirror in a set;
  • cons: not found.

How to choose a dressing table

Every woman wants to have a dressing table in the room where she could arrange all the cosmetics, store jewelry and put herself in order. Choosing this piece of furniture for your interior, consider the following recommendations of specialists:

  1. Cost. Decide how much money you are willing to spend on a dressing table. The price is most affected by the material from which it is made. Glass, metal, solid wood products will cost much more than furniture made of chipboard, fiberboard.
  2. Mirror. Decide if you need such an accessory, without it the cost of furniture will be lower, and space will be saved. In extreme cases, you can buy it separately, choosing the design of the frame to match the table, and hang it on a wall nearby.
  3. Location and lighting. Decide where you will put the furniture. If this is a corner near the window, then the dressing table can be compact in size and without lamps - this saves space and additional lighting.
  4. Boxes and cabinets. It is important to immediately determine how many little things will be stored inside. For a large number of accessories, choose a dressing table with many drawers, shelves and stands. If you do not have a lot of cosmetics and jewelry, give preference to a light, elegant product.
  5. Ladies chair. Furniture with an ottoman, a banquette gives the boudoir corner a special charm and convenience, and also - this is an additional place for sitting.


Alina, 28 years old They made repairs in the bedroom, changed furniture, and I wanted to buy a women's table. The husband does not understand why he needs me, but this is a really convenient functional thing. We chose a product with several places for storage, where my jewelry, cosmetics and many other necessary items fit. Now everything is in one place, at hand and no need to look for what is where.
Karina, 32 years old When choosing a dressing table in the bedroom, the main criterion was the presence of a large round mirror in full growth. It is important for me to evaluate my image completely from head to toe before leaving home. First, you can sit behind him and do makeup, hair, and then the shelf leans back, and you can look at yourself at full height. This nuance adds comfort and convenience.
Svetlana, 30 years old. I needed additional places for storing trifles, and the mirror panel did not matter, so I bought a table in the bedroom without it and hung family photographs on the wall. I like this interior more, and all the important little things fit. In addition, I managed to save a lot on a product without a mirror and buy gifts for children with this money.
Marina, 35 years old I really appreciate the free space, save every square meter and try not to litter the apartment, so I chose a dressing table with a folding mirror surface. I open it only when necessary, when I put myself in order in the morning and before bedtime. It is very convenient for those who like to hang paintings and photographs on the walls.

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