Sealant for entrance and interior doors

It is very important to feel comfortable in your own home. One wants the entrance or interior doors to save from sounds from another room, smells from the entrance and help to keep warm in the house. For these purposes, there is a sealant for doors: rubber, self-adhesive or metal profiles on the threshold. A detailed review will help you make a choice and find out the cost of a product.

What is a door seal

It is known that the sealing tape for doors is a hardware element whose main functions are thermal protection, sound insulation and sealing of the doorway. This product can be classified according to various criteria: width and thickness, manufacturer, materials used, as intended, and so on. In fact, each product has its pros and cons, which should be considered when choosing. In order to analyze in detail which type of seal is better, it is worth taking at least a few products from different categories.

Self adhesive

In the first place in the ranking of sales are self-adhesive door tapes. Their main advantages are ease of use and low cost. One of the favorites specializing in the production of narrow-profile products for windows and doors is the German company Tesa Moll:

  • Model Name: Tesa Rubber E-Profile Sealant.
  • Price: You can buy in the online store without delivery and promotions for about 235 rubles.
  • Product specifications: self-adhesive, in the form of an E-profile has a height of 20 mm, a width of 20 mm and 2.5 cm in length, made of rubber, total weight - 89 g.
  • Pros: easy installation and removal, can withstand temperature extremes from -30 to +80 degrees, protects against dust, wind and noise.
  • Cons: suitable for filling small voids, duct tape dries quickly and needs to be replaced.

In comparison with the product from Tesa Moll, you can put a sealant similar in method of use from the famous in Russia company Geko:

  • Model name: self-adhesive sealant for windows and doors O-profile, transparent.
  • Price: in Moscow or St. Petersburg you can buy for 510 rubles.
  • Characteristics: width - 7 mm, length - 6 m, suitable for filling voids up to 7.5 mm in size.
  • Pros: it bends well, instantly sticks to any surface, does not allow moisture to pass, and is resistant to UV radiation.
  • Cons: over time, the sticky layer loses its properties.


Thanks to various modifications, the rubber door seal is an ideal option for insulating and sealing the entrance space. In the Russian market, a wide range and freedom of choice of profile are offered by the Polish company REMONTIX Pro:

  • Model Name: REMONTIX self-adhesive technical sealant.
  • Price: the cost for 1 running meter is 120 rubles.
  • Product specifications: made of EPDM rubber, the bottom layer is impregnated with acrylic adhesive, the width of the product is 21 mm, height - 15 mm, sold in coils up to 50 meters.
  • Pluses: it is steady against any weather conditions, is well attached to metal, plastic or wood, with its help it is possible to seal also windows, garage shutters or motor vehicles.
  • Cons: not identified.

Pay attention to another Polish brand Nora-M. The manufacturer declares that its door hardware, if used properly, will last you up to 10 years:

  • Model name: rubber seal KRASS E-profile.
  • Price: the cost in Moscow without a sale varies from 184 to 205 rubles per linear meter.
  • Product specifications: the product is made of high strength rubber, in the form of a tape; profile width is 0.29 cm, height - 0.21 cm.
  • Pros: does not crack even after intensive use, withstands temperature extremes, is suitable for processing glass and interior doors.
  • Cons: before application, the surface must be cleaned and degreased.

For metal doors

If you are looking for a high-quality seal for entrance fire doors, you should pay attention to the German company Hafele:

  • Model Name: Hafele foam seal for fire doors.
  • Price: you can buy a sealant for doors at 282 rubles per meter.
  • Product specifications: made of expandable graphite-based polymer, the standard length of one roll is 2100 mm.
  • Pros: suitable for metal doors such as EI 30, EI 60, there is a wide palette of colors, high quality, reasonable price.
  • Cons: insulation foams at high temperatures, suitable only for apartment buildings or offices whose doors do not face the sunny side.

Easy to use and suitable for all types of doors, a seal from Kimtec:

  • Model Name: SD-31X / 4.
  • Price: 3585 rubles per 200 m.
  • Product specifications: on the underside of the tape there is a self-adhesive base made of microporous rubber based on rubber, suitable for metal structures.
  • Pros: resistant to weathering, not afraid of direct sunlight.
  • Cons: medium resistance to acidic agents, expensive.


Due to the high quality of workmanship, reasonable cost and operational characteristics, the leading place among silicone gaskets is occupied by deventer:

  • Model Name: DS12-18 Deventer.
  • Price: 86 rubles per meter.
  • Characteristics: material - silicone, suitable for a groove width of up to 5 mm and a fold height of 12 to 18 mm.
  • Pros: fits snugly to the door, retains elasticity even during prolonged use, can be used to seal smoke-proof doors.
  • Cons: best installed on entrance doors with a favorable pivot point.

Silicone seals from the Russian company Silver act as a sealant for showers, and are also used on an industrial scale for meat processing machines, in the baking, and confectionery industries. For domestic use, the following model is suitable:

  • Model name: silicone rubber cord with a curly section 4.15.
  • Price: the cost should be checked with the manufacturer.
  • Characteristics: profile width - 13.5 mm, length - 10 mm, there are two parallel sections of 1 and 3 mm.
  • Pros: withstands temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius, suitable for glass, wooden and metal doors.
  • Cons: In addition, you must buy a special adhesive for silicone.

For interior doors

To ensure sound insulation inside an apartment or house, porous polyurethane seals developed in the USA are perfect:

  • Model Name: ISOTAPE P Profile for 3-5 mm clearances.
  • Price: You can buy on the Internet for 630 rubles.
  • Characteristics: the profile is made in the form of the letter P and has dimensions 9 by 5.5 mm, the type of application is tape.
  • Pros: it helps reduce energy costs by up to 7%, attaches well to plastic and wooden surfaces, including painted ones, and does not swell from moisture.
  • Cons: suitable only for sealing the interior and windows.

The following universal seal for interior doors Ultima will make your life more comfortable and your home warmer:

  • Model Name: Ultima D100.
  • Price: 1800 rubles per coil.
  • Characteristics: material - EPDM rubber, dimensions 2 * 50 mm, the coil contains 100 m of a self-adhesive profile.
  • Pluses: it is well applied on any surface, is suitable for consolidation of gaps from 3 to 7 mm.
  • Cons: not identified.

For input

Kim Tec self-adhesive tapes are made of microporous rubber, they are well resistant to ultraviolet rays, cold and moisture, therefore, they are ideal for insulating entrance doors:

  • Model Name: D40.
  • Price: at a discount of 1500 rubles.
  • Product specifications: the profile of the tape is made in the form of the letter D, there is an adhesive base, tape sizes are 14 by 12 mm.
  • Pros: it adheres well to the loot, helps to keep heat indoors, does not allow noise and extraneous odors from the outside, in comparison with analogs it is cheap.
  • Cons: not identified.

Deventer contour seals are not inferior to the previous model, and in some moments, on the contrary, gain superiority:

  • Model Name: Soundproof Tape M7256.
  • Price: you can buy a sealant for the entrance metal door for 724 rubles.
  • Characteristics: material - soft PVC, the shape of the tape is R-shaped, the length in the coil is 20 m.
  • Pros: it fits well to the door frame, has several colors that emphasize the overall design.
  • Cons: Designed for a 3 mm groove only.

For wooden

Schlegel rubber bands of various shapes and sizes are ideal for those who are looking for reliable sound insulation in the interior. A model with a right milling angle will reduce light penetration and dust:

  • Model Name: QL-3100 Gum.
  • Price: 39 rubles per meter.
  • Characteristics: milling width - 4 mm, minimum insertion depth - 6.5 mm, rebate - 12 mm, material - polyurethane foam.
  • Pros: they quickly take their original shape after compression, do not stretch, are resistant to paint and dirt, there are several colors to choose from: gray, brown, white, black.
  • Cons: not identified.

Sealers for wooden doors made of thermoplastic elastomer with proper and careful operation can last you up to 20 years. However, the main advantage of the next model is a wide color range. If you wish, you can buy the following shades: ivory, mahogany, light oak, standard white, brown, black and gray:

  • Model Name: OD-01-05.
  • Price: 17 rubles per meter.
  • Characteristics: ring diameter - 5 mm, groove length - 5.5 mm, width - 4 mm, material - elastomer.
  • Pros: easily restores shape after pressing, does not crack even after repeated deformation, suitable for window insulation.
  • Cons: not identified.

For plastic-

This universal tape made of foam rubber Sibrteh is ideal for soundproofing balcony doors and plastic windows:

  • Model name: mortise seal for plastic doors and windows Sibrteh, self-adhesive.
  • Price: 474 rubles.
  • Product specifications: profile view "E", package size - 27 * 17 * 6, material - EPDM rubber.
  • Pros: suitable for 2-4 mm gaps, protects from dust, noise and moisture, fits snugly to the door structure, does not damage the surface when removed.
  • Cons: it does not tolerate high temperatures.


To perfectly cope with the task of sealing windows and doors, goods from the company ISO Chemicals with profile D:

  • Model Name: ISOTAPE D-Seal.
  • Price: in Moscow 1500 rubles.
  • Characteristics: dimensions - 9 * 8 mm for gaps from 3 to 7 mm, material - rubber, adhesive layer reinforced with mesh.
  • Pros: it does not swell from moisture, tolerates changes in temperature and atmospheric ozone, leaves no residue after removal.
  • Cons: not identified.

To seal gaps with sizes from 5 to 7 mm, a magnetic rubber cord from Dorlock is suitable:

  • Model name: D-shaped self-adhesive tubular sealant (TEP).
  • Price: from 2000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: dimensions - 14 * 12.7 mm, elastomeric material with all the properties of vulcanized rubber, operating temperature range -60 +90 degrees.
  • Pros: provides a snug fit of the door to the door, is easily attached, does not spoil the surface after removal.
  • Cons: only suitable for steel and fire doors.

Foam rubber

Looking for a budget option, how to insulate a room? Then it is worth paying your attention to the domestic manufacturer Dagmar LLC. The soft contour is easily attached to wooden openings using liquid nails, glue or a special mounting base:

  • Model Name: white foam sealant.
  • Price: the cost without delivery in Moscow is 82 rubles per package.
  • Characteristics: soft, made of foam rubber 20 mm wide, up to 40 mm high.
  • Pros: an inexpensive product compared to peers, muffles sounds when closing interior doors.
  • Cons: transmits noise and air, comes without an adhesive base, quickly loses its shape, absorbs moisture, dirt and dust, leaves traces after removal.

For sliding

At the Bravo factory you can find not only different door options, but also many branded components, for example, a fleecy tape for sliding structures:

  • Model Name: Bravo Seal brush 4P.
  • Price: 28 rubles per 1 meter.
  • Characteristics: size in mm 7 * 6, finish - electroplating, pile height - 6 mm, and self-adhesive backing - 7 mm.
  • Pluses: softens blows of metal brackets, visually corrects irregularities, prevents dust and dirt.
  • Cons: only suitable for sliding wardrobes and sliding wooden sashes.

The Experience LLC company for internal use offers environmentally friendly and absolutely safe goods for humans or pets:

  • Model Name: 3P brush seal for sliding doors.
  • Price: 9.40 rubles per meter.
  • Characteristics: the fiber is made of polypropylene yarn, the basis is a laminated silk mesh, the density of the pile is 3P.
  • Pros: it has several colors of delivery: white, brown, bronze, golden, light beige, beige; softens impacts of iron shutters, prevents dust from getting inside.
  • Cons: like the previous version, suitable only for internal use.

How to choose a door seal

The technology of applying a heat-insulating cord, its durability directly depends on the type of product and its quality. However, do not rush to buy a seal on the door, after listening to the laudatory tales of the seller, first check the product for several parameters:

  1. Feel, touch and squeeze the tape in your hand. Your task is to check how soft it is, how quickly it restores shape. If the cord is sticky or there are traces of deformation on it, the product is of poor quality or its expiration date has expired.
  2. If you decide to choose a conventional seal, ask the seller in advance which adhesive is suitable for it and whether it is available. The most reliable is liquid silicone sealant.
  3. Before paying at the checkout, once again check the parameters of the goods. You should know that gaskets marked E are suitable for slots of 2-3.5 mm, with the letter P they will close the gaps of 3-5 mm, and D is ideal for inserting into the hole 3-7 mm.
  4. Another practical tip is to carefully read the label. Packaging will tell you much more than the seller and will never cheat. The lines that you should pay attention to are: material, length in meters, expiration date, country of origin.


Marina, 37 years old I never thought that buying an ordinary sealant is such a complicated matter. My first order by mail was not very successful: something unintelligible came, besides with a disgusting smell of rubber. I had to go to the store myself and choose everything by touch. I stopped at the domestic manufacturer SibrTech, which I now recommend to everyone.
Eugene, 48 years old I installed several times the industrial sealant on the door from Deventer. All the time I was satisfied. The material is soft and high-quality, it lasts a long time, does not absorb extraneous odors and is perfectly washed. It is easy to glue and remove it, by the way, after removal, even a sticky layer and absolutely no traces remain on the door surface.
Stanislav, 54 years old. I and my wife bought a self-adhesive sealing cord made of foam rubber for a metal door. This is just some kind of nightmare! After the first closure, the contour fell off in places, and the one that remained lost its shape. At the same time, the narthex of the door was not so tight. I advise everyone not to save, but to immediately order a high-quality rubber construction sealant.

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