Running shoes - top rated

You can’t just open a shoe cabinet, pick up the first pair of sneakers you get and go for a run. Two to three days of such sports and inappropriate shoes for this can lead to pain in the feet, distortion of the gait and even muscle strain. Rating the best sneakers will help you make the right choice.

Running shoes for winter

Studs for running from Asiks company are distinguished by high wear resistance, excellent cushioning and good quality of production. A special sole made of silicone absorbs shock, reduces the load on the heel and provides comfortable running in any weather conditions. On the outside of the sole you can find a removable stud, which helps maintain balance even when walking on ice. The top of winter shoes is made of breathable GORE-Tex material.

  • Asics Gel-Arctic 4
  • You can order through the catalog or buy in the Decathlon online store for 9400 r.
  • Pluses: - beautiful design, - convenient block, - support of foot on ice, - protection against hit of moisture and snow in a boot.
  • Cons: -Removable spikes emit an unpleasant rattle when in contact with asphalt.

The platform of Adidas sneakers for winter is made of special foam boost, it does not crack and does not harden even with strong temperature drops. On top of the boot there are fabric cuffs that protect the ankle from overloads and prevent moisture and snow from getting inside winter shoes. Hollow fibers of the interior retain heat and create effective thermoregulation.

  • Adidas rocket boost
  • The price on the Internet is about 8000 rubles.
  • The main advantages: - lightweight upper eliminates mechanical damage, - an elastic sole provides reliable grip and durability of shoes, - in these sneakers your legs will always be warm.
  • Cons: - the snow-white sole becomes dirty over time, - are not suitable for use in heavy rain and with extreme humidity of the running cover.

For running on asphalt

Shoes from the Japanese company Mizuno are ideal for running on asphalt terrain, exercising in the gym and on rubber running surfaces. Sneakers Wave Rider 18 SS15 are suitable for people whose body weight does not exceed 95 kilograms. The top of the boot is made of breathable mesh material, and the sole is made of natural carbon rubber. Sneakers are ideal for beginners, children and teenagers.

  • Mizuno Wave Rider 18 SS15
  • Price on Yandex Market - 5500 p.
  • Pros: -use of natural materials, -the front of the sneakers has a recess in which the leg sits comfortably.
  • Cons: -hard rubber at the back of the shoe makes a knock when it lands, -Laces are easily twisted.

Sneakers by Nike Zoom Pegasus - a classic model. They have shock absorbing side coatings and provide a smooth pace. The top layer is made of lightweight mesh material, transitions from one color to another provide seamless overlays. The insole is endowed with a soft heel and a hard toe for soft cushioning. The Nike sole is made of rubber, has a tread pattern and deep cross-shaped grooves for flexibility.

  • Nike Zoom Pegasus 32
  • You can buy in the online store for 5200 p.
  • The main advantages: - tightly grasp the ankle, - very light and have good cushioning, - provide reliable protection for the heel and toe from shock.
  • Cons: -little space for the fingers.

For cross country running

Beginners of trailer races will have to get used to this design. Salomon Speedcross have a hard sole that bends well only in the bow. A massive heel softens the blows when descending from the slopes, and the tongue is firmly sewn to the upper part of the shoe. Rubber spikes are located on the sole, which, digging into the ground, help to overcome obstacles more easily.

  • -Salomon Speedcross
  • The approximate price is 5700 rubles.
  • Pros: - sneakers are most suitable for tough running conditions; - provide stable fixation on the foot, soften bumps; - prevent moisture from entering the boot; - have a convenient lacing system with a carbine.
  • Cons: - not suitable for running on stones, ice, slush; - too massive.

The running shoes of the Swedish company Haglöfs, which manufactures its products together with the global Asix brand, are ideal for off-road marathons. The rubber outsole is made with a Gel insert and has several tread stripes. An orthopedic pad provides a comfortable foot position even with prolonged wear, and a stiff heel protects the foot from bumps when jumping.

  • -Haglöfs Gram AM II GT
  • You can buy in Moscow stores for 3500 p.
  • The main advantages: - sneakers have leather protection on the toe; - a dense upper material will protect your feet from moisture from rain, sand, dirt; - are relatively inexpensive; - there is a special pocket for laces on the tongue.
  • Cons: -the top is made of polyester, which can give some discomfort with prolonged wear.


Still wondering which running shoes are best for running? Reebok offers a wide range of sporting goods, one of the prominent representatives of which are the women's cross-country HARMONY RACER. Regardless of the distance traveled, the legs in these shoes will always feel comfortable and light, and a seamless upper will help to avoid rubbing.

  • You can buy on the Internet for 9000 p.
  • The main advantages: -the five bonds of carbon rubber ensures a reliable fit of shoes to the body; -low rise in the foot provides comfortable movements; -have a bright design.
  • Cons: -Suitable for jogging only in a gym; -When exposed to rain, get wet.

These sneakers were specially designed for women. Shoes attracts not only with their design and bright materials, but also with ease of wearing. The top layer is made of breathable material, so your legs will breathe even when running long distances. Fashionable shoes are suitable for walking in the fall and summer, it will be appropriate to look in the gym.

  • The average cost is 5500 rubles.
  • Pros: -Progressive design; -High quality workmanship; -Convenient lacing.
  • Cons: - Wet in rainy weather; - Not suitable for daily wear.


Men's Anta running shoes with a sole height of 1 centimeter from breathable polyurethane and artificial leather. There is no lining inside, but this does not prevent the legs from feeling comfortable when running for short distances. Rubber outsole cushion well and heel saves from bumps. The dark colors of the shoes perfectly match the classic sporty style. The lacing is conveniently located, at the top under the label there is a place to hide the ends of the laces.

  • Sports shoes Anta.
  • Price in online stores from 3700 p.
  • The main advantages: -optimal shape of the back; -insole with long wear takes the shape of a foot; -cheap model.
  • Cons: - Not suitable for professional jogging; - Wet.

With depreciation -

Look for running shoes with shock absorption, then this model was created just for you. Adapted to the given conditions and slightly improved DNA sole can be adjusted to the runner’s weight, speed and biometrics. In the middle of the foot there is a small thermoplastic insert. Its purpose is to provide additional rigidity of the sole when running on the road and to prevent twisting of the foot.

  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15.
  • The price in Moscow is 6600 rubles.
  • Pros: -Tight fit; -Well-drawn laces; -Easy studding of the sole; -Excellent cushioning when running from the toe; -Good grip with asphalt or treadmill.
  • Cons: - small;; - The heavy weight of the shoe does not allow the runner to gain high speed.


These waterproof running shoes from the French company Salomon are simply the top of style and comfort. Durable top material can withstand any test by rain, snow, dirt and dust. The protective tab is in full contact with the top of the shoe and prevents debris from entering the boot. There is a rubber edging on the toe that softens the bumps.

  • Sneakers Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX.
  • Price - 6900 p.
  • The main advantages: -Waterproof upper provides additional support for the foot; -There is a quick lacing system; -Suitable for off-road running, climbing.
  • Cons: -hard heel; -if you wet the upper of the shoe when washing, the material will dry for a long time.

For heavy runners

Sneakers are designed for heavy runners whose weight exceeds 100 kg. In the decoration of the upper part of the shoe several materials were used at once: textiles, synthetics and thermoplastic polyurethane. The sole is made of rubber, has good cushioning and a soft backdrop. On the sole there is only one longitudinal groove from the heel and several bends under the toe.

  • Saucony Triumph ISO brand shoes.
  • The price in Moscow is from 5000 rubles.
  • Pros: -a wide selection of running shoes: for men, women, children; - beautiful design; - low cost; - tight fit to the foot; - thoughtful lacing.
  • Cons: -When running on the road in the groove under the heel, small stones are often hammered.

How to choose running shoes

If you are new to sports and choosing a running shoe for a photo is a real problem for you, use the following tips when buying:

  • Professional running shoes must have cushioning. These are special inserts around the heels and toe.
  • It is better not to buy sneakers whose upper material is suede or stiff synthetic leather. Particular attention should be paid to the clasp. Zipper or Velcro will not work, ideally if the sneakers have elastic laces.
  • The best running sneakers have rubber-resistant membranes on the sole.
  • The sole of sports shoes should bend well if you retreat 1/3 from the toe.
  • The insole should be easy to remove. Inside, even winter sneakers should not be fur.
  • Do not buy too expensive shoes. It is better to ask the seller which sneakers to choose for a beginner to run and be guided by his advice.


Mark, 34 years old Friends and I like to go hiking, climb mountains and spend the night in nature. You can’t do without appropriate shoes. For many years now I have been using Adidas sneakers. I chose them according to several criteria: reasonable price, high quality, comfortable to wear and durability. I think I did it right. Some studded sneakers I wear from 2 to 4 years.
Angelina, 26 years old. I like to run in the mornings in any weather. Even if a snowstorm sweeps in the street, I’ll go for a run anyway. Therefore, I always keep several pairs of sneakers in my closet for all occasions. If you do not have such an opportunity, then I advise you to purchase trusted brands like Nike, Reebok or Adidas. Buy a pair that has good cushioning and a leather topcoat.
Stepan, 45 years old. Even a child runs in our family. To our wife, we bought special women's shoes from Puma, the child has simple children’s shoes, but I liked Adidas high athletic shoes. It is worth noting that it is important not how much the brand is promoted, but how comfortable you feel in these shoes. Better try it 5 times before buying than look for a new pair every time.

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