Quartz heater for home and garden

The house is our fortress, defense, support. Creating coziness is an important detail, without which it is impossible to imagine a real family nest. In wet, rainy weather, a quartz heater will keep the mood and warmth in the room. The price of the model, characteristics, positive and negative sides during operation - all this is important when choosing heaters.

Quartz infrared heaters

One type of heating device is a quartz infrared heater. A tube is made of quartz, into which tungsten heating filaments are placed. Such a battery does not burn oxygen, because air is pumped out of the tubes. Its efficiency is 5 indicators higher than that of a device with a plate radiating heat. Cons - fear of humidity, because of which the technique rarely lasts long.

The heater is popular among buyers, it can be controlled using a remote control. Lamps locally heat the space. Such heaters are popular, their advantages:

  • Convenient shape, small dimensions.
  • Installation is simple, anyone can handle it.
  • There is a temperature control system.
  • The device is safe.


The device is energy-saving, has a beautiful design, harmoniously fits into the interior. Wall heaters differ in appearance, power, weight. Quartz wall heater - the device is convenient, practical, popular among users of various age categories. Models are excellent in characteristics:

  • heating method - due to convection; the device heats up due to radiation.
  • appearance, shape and design - the ark, made in the form of a film; wall panel; lamps with heating elements in the form of tubes.


The heater is hidden in the middle of a monolithic plate, warms up to 95 degrees, does not dry out the air. The monolithic heater begins to work when current flows through the spirals. Monolithic quartz heaters are, in fact, a heating plate made of a solution, the main component of which is quartz sand. Positive traits:

  • Reliable in operation due to heating elements hidden in the frame.
  • Economical.
  • One block will heat at least 15 square meters. m
  • Work is safe thanks to the presence of a thermostat.

Quartz tube heater

The model is simple, does not take up much space, can be put under the window. A quartz tube heater is a popular novelty. Mounting options: floor, wall and ceiling. The source of heat is halogen lamps. The functionality of the device in the simultaneous heating and emission of light. The quartz electric heater is protected from fire, can be left on.


A heater with sand inside acts like this: when sand is heated over time, the air in the room heats up. It only takes 20 minutes to warm up. The Tepleko quartz heater is convenient in everyday life, the quartz heating element is securely closed in the frame. The case protects spirals from moisture. Tepleko after turning off the power will retain heat for about an hour.

It is carried out only in one model:

  • Title: Tepleko.
  • Price: from 2400 rubles.
  • Characteristics: maximum heating temperature 95 degrees, power 220 V, infrared type, heating power controller.
  • Pros: does not dry out the air, affordable, economical, does not burn oxygen, is durable and reliable in operation.
  • Cons: possible cracking of the body.


The heater is available in two forms: without a plug (the device is connected to a thermostat or to an electric heating system); with plug (can be used as an independent, portable heater). The device is mounted on the ceiling, wall, put on the floor. When the heater is turned on, heat is distributed throughout the room. Designed for continuous operation.

Portable and wall mounted:

  • Name: Teploplit-M.
  • Price: from 2700 rub.
  • Features: environmentally friendly, safe, economical. Teploplit quartz heaters contain sand, clay, marble.
  • Pros: aesthetic appearance, effective in work, you can buy in any specialized store, silent, compact.
  • Cons: monolithic casing is quickly destroyed, a small heating area.

With aluminum frame:

  • Name: Heatplit.
  • Price: from 2500 rub.
  • Product specifications: Sand heaters for the home are available in white, but can be repainted in any color. The principle of operation is brick.
  • Pros: the manufacturer claims that the device does not overheat, so you can keep it on for a long time.
  • Cons: poor power and a small heating area.


It is used as the main or local means for heating apartments, industrial premises, workshops. It can be used on verandas and in a barbecue area. Heats up faster than an oil cooler or fan heater. To reach the required temperature, 15 minutes is enough. The steel case is practical, the damage is not terrible.

Infrared heater:

  • Name: NeoClima SHAFT-2.0.
  • Price: from 20,000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: infrared type, regulators available, heating power 3000 watts.
  • Pluses: quickly heats up, long service life, practical, dust does not burn, there is no smell of burning. The heating area is 20 square meters. m. You can install the device in any rooms and surfaces.
  • Cons: high price.

Heater NeoClima:

  • Name: NeoClima Comforte T1.5.
  • Price: 2090 rub.
  • Characteristic - economical (using such quartz batteries, you can save up to 50% of electricity).
  • Pros: can be installed in a convenient position on special legs or hung on the wall, which provides for equipment. The protective functions are high.
  • Cons: not observed.


Heater convector type, all models have a thermostat and three power modes, with possible overheating, the device automatically turns off. Low power consumption. Heating power - 1500-2200 watts. The optimal area for heating is 20 square meters. m. The heater can heat the room in 30-35 minutes (up to 25 degrees).

Type of heater - convector:

  • Name: Engy CE-2000M.
  • Price: 2000 rub.
  • Characteristics: power 2000 W, optimal heating area - 25 square meters. m
  • Pros: the presence of a protective function, when overheated, the device turns off. You can easily buy in the online store or in the distribution network of household appliances. The device is inexpensive.
  • Cons: not found.

Heater Engy:

  • Title: Engy EN-1500.
  • Price: 2099 rub.
  • Features: has many convenient functions, is protected from overheating, convenient control and temperature control, heats an area of ​​25 square meters. m. There is a thermostat, no timer, very light.
  • Pros: a sand heater for the home is a great option for creating comfort.
  • Cons: not found.


Models are equipped with an infrared emitter. 2 quartz heaters located inside the device make it possible to adjust the power, each element has a separate button. A room of 20 square meters. m. able to heat in 15-20 minutes (with the door closed). The device is equipped with convenient legs with wheels for moving. Almost silent.

Oil radiator:

  • Name: SUPRA ORS-07-SN.
  • Price: from 1850 rub.
  • Features: there is a switch for power control. Installation type - floor, mechanical control.
  • Pros: small size, convenient heating adjustment switch, protected from overheating and tipping over (if installed incorrectly).
  • Cons: not found.

Compact heater SUPRA:

  • Name: SUPRA ECS-410.
  • Price: 1450 rub.
  • Characteristics: small, heats well, spins like a fan. Power - 1000 watts.
  • Pros: the device is used in dormitories, small rooms, it is economical and practical, does not have unnecessary functions.
  • Cons: a quartz sand heater is a fragile, expensive thing.


The Delta quartz heater has small dimensions and weight (only 2-2.5 kg), but, most importantly, good room heating power. The device has three modes, two of them are designed for heating, the third can be used as a fan, which is excellent for hot weather. The device does not burn oxygen, it heats the air with quartz plates.

Gas heater DELTA:

  • Name: DELTA D-87GE.
  • Price: 2200 rub.
  • Product specifications: more economical than electrical counterparts. Heating 30 sq. M. m. with a power of 4200 watts, has a switch, turns off when dropped.
  • Pros: heating is fast, economical, no firewood and stove needed for heat, there are wheels for movement.
  • Cons: when working, there is a smell, you need gas.

Oil radiator:

  • Name: DELTA D-25F-11.
  • Price: from 3700 rub.
  • Characteristics: heating power - 2500 W, there is protection against overheating, mechanical control. The air does not dry, the cost is available to everyone.
  • Pluses: convenient in movement thanks to existence of castors. Differs in the average price and excellent quality.
  • Cons: it is forbidden to dry things on it.


The device quickly warms up the room, reliable. The power level can be adjusted, does not take much energy, compact. There is a sensor that turns off when the position changes, which is good when capsizing. Reflectors (reflective) have a wide angle of dispersion of thermal rays. The case is not heated, all elements (heating) are closed by a lattice.

Heater Comfort:

  • Name: COMFORT OK-900 VT.
  • Price: from 1500 rub.
  • Characteristics: heater type - quartz infrared, power - 900 watts.
  • Pluses: three temperature conditions, protection against burns, small, there is a function of protection against overheating. Convenient for office, work, residential premises (cottages or apartments).
  • Cons: not identified.

Infrared device:

  • Title: Comfort K-19H.
  • Price: from 1450 rub.
  • Characteristics: power - 2000 W, mechanical control.
  • Pros: heats up quickly, immediately after turning on. After viewing the photo, you will see a ceramic coating that protects against burns. There are three power levels. Customer reviews are positive.
  • Cons: not found.


The quartz electric heater has a power of 600-1200 W, the heating area is 20-30 sq. M. There is protection against capsizing and overheating of the device. Convenient principle of operation - you just need to turn on the power and adjust the temperature. Heating starts immediately after switching on. Spirals made of quartz are in a glass tube, do not dry, do not burn air.

Zenet Heater:

  • Name: Zenet NS-1200D.
  • Price: from 2300 rub.
  • Characteristics: infrared, controller, heats the room up to 30 square meters. m
  • Pros: economical, consumes a little electricity, two levels of regulation. Interesting design. Cheap, but high-quality, convenient to use, especially for a summer residence or storage facilities.
  • Cons: at 1200 watts it heats up strongly, you should be careful.

Infrared heater type:

  • Name: ZENET HQ-1200B.
  • Price: from 3800 rub.
  • Characteristics: power - 1200 W, there is protection against overheating and overturning.
  • Pros: It has two main modes, one of which is energy-saving. The device does not dry the air, does not make additional noise.
  • Cons: high price.


An infrared heater is able to heat the floor, walls, interior items, from which air is heated in the room itself. It is used for heating small open spaces (balconies, terraces, conservatories). The main heating element is a quartz tube, the heating time is 30 seconds, in the presence of a power switch.

Heater AEG:

  • Title: AEG IWQ 120.
  • Price: 2500 rub.
  • Characteristics: type - infrared quartz, no thermostat, level - 600 and 1200 watts.
  • Pluses: quickly heats up, two-level adjustment, modern design, it is easy to order and buy via the Internet, heats the room up to 12 square meters. m. There is an angle adjustment for uniform heating.
  • Cons: small heating area.

Inexpensive device:

  • Name: AEG WKL 753 S.
  • Price: from 6600 rub.
  • Characteristics: protection against increased humidity, power - 750 W, control by remote control.
  • Pros: affordable, there are two levels of regulation of temperature selection. There is protection against overheating, water ingress.
  • Cons: high cost of a heating device.

How to choose a quartz heater

There is a wide range of products for maintaining heat in the house, the purchase of which should be approached responsibly. The best is a device with a closed plate or heating element. Before making a purchase, look at the technical specifications, the official website of the manufacturer of household appliances, read the catalog, make sure the quality of the goods, and then make a purchase.

The main details that should be considered before choosing a quartz heater:

  • Plate. Choose a uniform color, it must be thick to last more than one year.
  • Ten. The heating element must be protected by a housing. The best alloy is only stainless steel.
  • Body. A battery with a quality coating should not rust.
  • Foil. The reflective surface is an important aspect, it is a system that allows you to heat not the ceiling, but reflect heat rays to other objects.
  • Insulator. The most important part of the device. This is protection against overheating, and it must be of high quality.


Olga, 30 years old. In the cold season, my apartment has wet and cold walls, for a long time I did not know what to do. One acquaintance advised me to purchase a quartz convector with a sand heating element: eco-friendly, completely harmless. The main advantages: the walls literally dried out in a couple of days, and the house is constantly warm, comfortable, regardless of weather conditions.
Marina, 38 years old The heating season has just begun, but I did not know what to do with the cold kitchen. I decided to go to the store and buy a heater, I heard more than one positive review about the quartz type. The device not only added heat, but is very economical. I’m not afraid to leave the device on, because It has a protection function. I am pleased with the purchase.
Oleg, 35 years old He rented a small apartment, but, unfortunately, it is end-face and very cold. Therefore, the first time I started using a fan heater: a strong effect was not visible, only dry air. I decided to buy an infrared heater, the difference is noticeable from the first minutes of work. Features: easy to install on your own, now I'm warming up, the good thing is that it does not dry the air.

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