Comfortable sea temperature for bathing children and adults

With the advent of summer, each of us dreams of a vacation. Fresh air, the gentle sun and warm water help to improve your health, relax and forget about your problems. Learn about the comfortable temperature for swimming at different ages for the human body, and what conditions are recommended.

What water temperature can I swim in?

In order for a person to benefit and enjoy swimming, the water must have an acceptable state for the body. The indicator depends on the physiological characteristics, habits, individual characteristics of the body. It is believed that the normal temperature of seawater is about 22 degrees, but many calmly swim even at 18. It is known that a large number of "walruses" swim in the cold months at + 10 ° C. However, it is better for people who are not used to it to take risks, otherwise hypothermia may occur.

Avoid very low temperature conditions, high. A pond with 24 ° C is suitable to freshen up, enjoy the sea baths and swim calmly. If the degree is higher, there is a risk of developing diseases. This leads to the active development of rotavirus and other infections that are harmful to the child and adult. This situation is typical for mid-July-late August among the southern regions and on the Azov coast, so you should be especially careful when taking sea baths.

A large role is played by the degree of air. If a person is in the sun for a long time, then immersion even in cold water may not confuse him: the body needs refreshment. In addition, habit matters. If for our person a comfortable temperature in the sea for swimming is already 20-22 degrees, then it will seem cold to the inhabitants of hot Egypt. For local residents, the optimal degree is 24-26 ° C. A completely different situation on the Baltic coast. There, the water practically does not exceed + 20 ° С, therefore it is acceptable for locals.

The optimum temperature for swimming in the sea for children

The most comfortable temperature regime for a child's stay in water is considered to be 22-24 degrees. If the baby will bathe for the first time, then it must be prepared, otherwise it threatens to lower immunity and the common cold. It is necessary to go to a pond with a crumb in June or in the middle of a season when the water is not so dirty. The stay for the baby should not exceed 2-3 minutes, after which it is wiped dry with a towel.

Comfortable sea temperature for pregnant women

The properties of sea salts favorably affect the condition of the fetus, so bathing is very useful for young mothers. In order for a pregnant woman to feel normal, the degree should not be below +22. Before entering, the girl needs to cool in the shade so that the body does not feel much contrast. In addition, experts recommend not to be in a pond for a long time, so that the body does not begin to lose heat. The optimal bathing time is 10-20 minutes.

At what temperature can you swim in the sea at night

On the beaches of the southern coast of Crimea and the Sea of ​​Azov, many prefer to swim at night, take beautiful photos in the water. If this is permitted on the expanses of our regions, then swimming abroad is strictly controlled by the coast guard. It is best to swim at night with a calm sea, the absence of waves, and so that the water is not lower than + 21-22 ° C. Such conditions will help to freshen up and are completely safe for the human body.

When is the most comfortable bathing water temperature

Depending on the location of the reservoir on the globe, the climatic conditions around also change. The most comfortable temperature in the sea for swimming is observed in the summer, although some begin to swim in nature from the month of May, continuing until September. In addition, a lot depends on the degree of air: if you are very hot in the sun, then a reservoir with + 19 ° C will bring pleasure to a child and an adult.

In the Black Sea

In Crimea, the beach season begins in late May and ends in October. A warm and mild climate allows the water to stay warm for a long time. In addition, sunny weather creates excellent conditions for relaxation. Comfortable water temperature in the Black Sea for swimming - from +18 to + 24 ° С. You can dive in a cooler time, but there is a possibility of leg cramps.

On the Azov coast

Due to the intense heat and activity of the sun on the Azov coast, experts recommend swimming before 12 noon and after 4 pm. This period will allow you to enjoy sunbathing, refresh yourself. All summer months have a suitable temperature. June and July are especially favorable. In August, the water can warm up to +26 and above. It is believed that at this degree the content of healing components decreases.

How is comfortable sea temperature for swimming determined

To understand the temperature at which they bathe in the sea, it is necessary to distinguish how the human body reacts to different conditions:

  • Sea water 0 degrees. Bathing is possible only for a short time, otherwise hypothermia will occur. People accustomed to winter swimming can afford such conditions a little longer.
  • 1 to 8 ° C. Even for trained and seasoned dipping and dipping procedures can be dangerous. Such water allows a stay of no more than a couple of minutes.
  • 9 to 13 ° C. Unacceptable conditions for swimming, but safer for human health. Seasoned can afford to swim for 5-7 minutes.
  • 14 to 16 ° C. Sea baths are possible, but not long. Staying in such water for more than 2 hours can lead to loss of consciousness.
  • 17 to 22 ° C. A cool pond that makes you feel fresh. Suitable conditions for dipping or diving, but not for everyone.
  • 23 to 26 ° C. Optimal conditions for a long pastime in a pond.
  • From 27 ° С. Comfortable conditions at sea for a long swim, however, the development of microbes in such an environment is possible. Even the pleasant warmth of the sea becomes bacterially dangerous.