Equalizer for Windows 7

Many users value high-quality surround sound from their speakers. The audio component is important in all modern films, music tracks and even games. The sound does not always depend only on the speakers themselves, sometimes the equalizer for the computer that you need to be able to configure helps to achieve the desired result.

What is equalizer for PC?

Equalizer for Windows 7 is a virtual mixing console that allows you to adjust the ratio of the number of high, medium and low frequencies from the speakers. As a rule, it is installed automatically along with the audio driver for a sound or motherboard. As a result, it becomes possible to control the sound quality from the speakers, to include additional environmental effects, microphone and headphone settings, and stereo systems.

Where to download equalizer on PC

As a rule, the equalizer for the Windows 7 system is installed automatically along with the drivers for the audio card (or the motherboard, if the sound is built into it). In most cases, software from Realtek Audio HD is installed, which provides tools for managing sound in the system. Such software helps the OS to correctly identify connected devices, front and rear outputs for speakers, and a microphone. You can download the driver from the official website of the developers, but more often it comes with the motherboard drive.

If you wish, you can use third-party solutions, which sometimes provide a wider, more flexible functionality for adjusting the sound. The equalizer program performs the same basic functions as the built-in version. In this case, the most popular solution is the gadget for the desktop, which is constantly displayed on it. These widgets are easy to find on the Internet, they are all distributed free of charge. Some of them offer additional design for the desktop, creating visual effects in time with the music.

How to adjust the equalizer in Windows 7

After installing the driver, the equalizer setting on the computer does not always appear on the taskbar. To correct this situation, perform additional manipulations through the PC control panel. For this:

  1. Click on the Start menu.
  2. Open the "Control Panel" section.
  3. Find the item "Sound", click on it.
  4. The Speakers icon should be displayed on the Playback tab. Click on the icon and click on the "Properties" button.
  5. Go to the "Improvements" tab and check the box next to "Equalizer."

After these manipulations, when you click on the taskbar, a sound icon will be displayed, when clicked, the system will redirect you to the equalizer for Windows 7. Not always changed sound system settings are equally well suited for music and watching movies. For such cases, you can use internal tools, for example, in Windows Media Player. In the settings you can set the necessary spectrum of sound.

The most difficult thing is to adjust the equalizer for bass, especially if you do not have very high-quality speakers. It is better to set the acoustics to the volume level that you think is customary for listening to audio and raise the first three sliders of the mixer until some “wheezing” or “crackling” from the speakers appears. If it started, then lower each of the sliders by a couple of millimeters - this will be the optimal low-frequency setting for your system.

Video: how to install a graphic equalizer on your desktop

If you want to decorate your computer desktop with the help of visual effects that the graphic equalizer generates, the standard software installed with the driver is not capable of providing such functionality. Use additional programs. Watch the video below for instructions on installing such software on your desktop screen.