Pain in the right side under the ribs

It disturbs the pain in the right side under the ribs, brings discomfort, but you do not know what to do and whether it is necessary to treat? In this area there are many important organs that are responsible for the functioning of the body, a malfunction in their work is very dangerous. Learn about the causes and methods of healing.

Types of pain in the side

Pain in the right side under the ribs manifests itself as a response to the presence of inflammation in the liver, kidneys, gall bladder, intestines. Still able to respond with unpleasant sensations of injuries. The pain ranges from barely noticeable and aching to strong, cutting, unbearable. It can be localized or spread to the entire side, abdomen and ribs, or even give to the shoulder. The following types are available:

  1. An acute pain in the right side "screams" about colic (hepatic).
  2. Dull pain in the right side - ailments (chronic) in the abdomen.
  3. Stitching means there is inflammation.
  4. Drawing pain in right side hints at chronic hepatitis.
  5. Aching pain in the right side torments if there is a constant inflammation of the mucous membrane of the large intestine and gall bladder.

Why the right side under the ribs hurts

Squeezing and tingling from the side is a symptom of a large number of various diseases, but invariably represents a signal of any serious malaise or trauma. Pain discharges piercing the back, inform about the troubles with the liver. Among these, toxic damage to this organ should be listed due to the abuse of fatty or burning foods, alcohol. No less damaging to the liver is smoking.

Failure of the gallbladder is also a source of painful manifestations. If it hurts on the right under the rib, you can think about the fact that the pancreas is “malfunctioning”. Belonging to the endocrine system, it is responsible for the production of insulin. If strong perspiration, vomiting, nausea is added, the possibility of pancreatitis should be considered. It can be caused by trauma, the consequences of surgery, excessive amounts of alcohol. Painful sensations can also come from an inflamed appendix.

Pain in the right upper quadrant

What is it signaling? With liver diseases, a person can experience prolonged attacks of bursting dull pain and tingling. Different types of hepatitis - toxic and alcoholic - cause vomiting, heartburn, loss of appetite, weakness, decreased performance, can burn from the side. Cirrhosis of the liver is not excluded. The formation of hepatic cysts also leads to painful manifestations: they block the bile and blood ducts, which responds with a feeling of heaviness due to an increase in the affected organ.

Congestive heart failure causes circulatory problems throughout the body. Because of this, the liver increases, swelling occurs. There is also the so-called abdominal myocardial infarction, in which painful impulses will penetrate under the ribs on the right. Stretching of the colon is possible. With increased gas formation and problems with the intestines, such as diarrhea, the throat will be sudden and very strong. Severe painful cramps can be a reaction to colitis.

Pain in the right side under the ribs in the back

Often such painful sensations on the side and behind arise as a result of injuries, with deviations in the functioning of the inferior vena cava, liver, and kidneys. Stones and sand can go down the ureter, which will lead to the expansion of the painful area. A child often experiences pain if he has an inflammation of the kidneys of an immune nature. Other causes of trouble can be pyelonephritis, renal papilla necrosis, rib bruises, oncology, intercostal neuralgia, herpes zoster, affecting the nerve.

When you inhale, the right side under the rib hurts

If the sigh hurts unbearably, this may indicate cholecystitis, the onset of pneumonia or peritonitis. At the first disease, bile, which does not enter the intestine, accumulates inside the biliary tract, stretching the membrane. She begins to bake, being on the mucous membrane, as the caustic salt composition. The pain from this becomes stronger, the temperature rises. Pleurisy can cause stitching pain, worse when there is a cough or inspiration.

What can hurt in the right side under the ribs on the side

Pregnant women can experience sideways pain, if an enlarged uterus presses on the kidneys, an overloaded liver - the ureter will be under attack. During pregnancy, the intestine can change its position, the appendix is ​​sometimes shifted, inflammatory processes are possible - all this requires immediate gynecologist consultation. Sharp and piercing pains in the right side in men can occur after physical exertion, even such as walking.

Other diseases causing pain under the right rib

Right-sided pain under the rib, in addition to problems with organs located here, is often provoked by other disorders. They may concern the nervous system. There is even a “right hypochondrium syndrome" that takes into account many diseases and can be a radiating pain from the organs of the small pelvis, heart or spine. Stretching the intercostal tissue of the muscles leads to pain when moving.

Which specialist to contact

If the pain in the right side under the ribs has become permanent, then you need to contact the therapist. After a general examination and analysis, he will decide on what kind of specialist the patient needs. With severe pain, you need to immediately call an ambulance, while avoiding taking painkillers so as not to disrupt the clinical picture. Among the planned specialists may be:

  • surgeon;
  • infectious disease specialist;
  • gynecologist;
  • gastroenterologist;
  • cardiologist;
  • traumatologist;
  • neuropathologist;
  • endocrinologist.

What to do and how to eliminate discomfort

To reduce pain, it is sometimes appropriate to take No-Shpa. Painkillers will prevent specialists from establishing an accurate picture of what is happening in the body and making a correct diagnosis. A hot heating pad will not help reduce pain, but it can do much harm, but a cold will be the right decision. It will be appropriate to eat normal food: in your diet should be less fatty, spicy, fried, spices, smoked meats, canned goods, sweets and alcohol. If the pain was taken by surprise, then to relieve it, you need to comfortably settle down and relax. It is important to avoid physical exertion.

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Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.