Cradle canopy holder

Since ancient times, beautiful designs made of bright curtains with lace to give comfort over the cradle of infants have been arranged. Today, having evolved into canopies - canopies covering the cradle - they continue to perform this function thanks to various holders.

What is a canopy holder

The fabric is attached to the cradle with special holders - strong plastic supports or metal brackets. They are a ring or an oval on a hollow tube (stand) with a device for attaching to the cradle, can have a different shape. The choice of the desired device depends on the desire of the consumer, the height of the fastener can be adjusted.

It is impossible to fix the canopy without the device. In addition, a berth with him looks beautiful. The benefit of the canopy is in the other, because it simultaneously becomes:

  • protection from bright light, drafts, annoying insects;
  • a filter from dust provoking allergies;
  • protection from prying eyes.


The holder for the canopy on the crib is distinguished by the type of attachment:

  1. Located in the middle of the wide back. This type is more suitable for protecting newborn babies, it is also suitable when placing the cradle with the side attached to the wall of the room.
  2. At the head. This type of support is set for older children. The bed is placed with the narrow side against the wall. The fabric is fixed at the head and covers only the upper part of the cradle, which ensures the child’s access to the outside world.
  3. Installed around the perimeter of the cradle. This type is suitable for children who sleep in cradles without protective sides. The device includes 4 holders in the corners and a frame that fixes the fabric.

If we talk about types, then holders for canopy are distinguished by the following principle:

  1. Floor. Long fabrics are placed on a structure fixed to the floor. The disadvantage of this fixation is that the cradle cannot be moved.
  2. Ceiling. Long fabrics are attached to the ceiling, and therefore move the cradle does not work.
  3. Wall mounted. They allow you to choose any length of tissue, are stationary.

The holder in the form is:

  • oval;
  • rectangular (with U-shaped or L-shaped bracket).

How to choose a canopy holder for a crib

In each case, an original design is obtained in the form of a stylish decorative element, with which you can create a fabulous interior in the room:

  • for boy - a small beautiful knight's castle or a fabulous aerial boat;
  • for girl - the luxurious bed of the princess, a bright cozy tent in the Turkish style or the shape of a daisy.

Holders for canopy on the bed differ in type of mounting. Which one to choose - the decision is up to the parents. First you need to decide which canopy you want to install. It is worth looking at the photos on the Internet, reading reviews, asking different ideas, turning on your imagination. If you yourself want to make a protective decoration on the cradle of the baby, select the shape of the canopy (round, rectangular), and select a device for it.

Canopy mount

You can buy in the store of children's goods, order through the online store. Product prices vary depending on the quality, shape, mounting materials. They range from 130 rubles. up to 300 rub. and more. The price also depends on the size of the product, manufacturers, including domestic and European manufacturers. In addition, you can buy a ready-made canopy with fastening, and even with a set of bedding, wonderfully complementing the design of the whole room. Its price depends on the material used to sew the canopy, as well as on the complexity of the product.

How to hang a canopy - instructions

If you bought the design in the store, check the canopy hardware for completeness. Read the instructions for it. First you need to install the mount. Algorithm of actions:

  • Screw the metal stand to the top of the cradle. The screws must be tightened so that the structure does not fall.
  • Insert the oval with the bent "mustache" into the hole of the tripod (rack).

You can hang the canopy in different ways, it all depends on whether the split or one-piece ring on the mount:

  1. If the ring is detachable, the oval must be pulled out of the rack. A curtain is sewn onto the canopy, through which one of the antennae of the ring easily hangs. After putting on the canopy, insert the ring into the rack.
  2. If the ring is one-piece, the drawstring is not needed. The fabric is tied to the ring with string ties.
  3. The fabric can simply be thrown over the top of the oval and beautifully spread along the side backs of the cradle.