Baptismal set for a boy

Baptism is a mysterious rite (ceremony) in the life of a Christian, requiring some preparation. In past centuries, a baby was baptized with a veil or paternal shirt during baptism after bathing. Such clothes were replaced by modern baptismal sets, differing in color, making things for a boy and for a girl.

What is needed for the baptism of a child

To carry out the rite of cleansing the child, parents must go to church, arrange with the priest, pay for services, set a date. You can choose any day, even festive. For the church rite, you need to prepare in advance the porridge that guests will try after the baptism procedure. Until this day, determine the name of the baby, which he will be given during baptism.

What is included in the baptism kit for the boy

The baptismal kit for the boy consists of the following things:

  • cross;
  • shirt;
  • bonnet;
  • booties;
  • diaper.

These items must be kept and inherited. They need to be selected taking into account the age of the child. Currently, there is a special baptismal set for the boy, which can be ordered in the online store or in children's boutiques with clothes. For adult children, a set of things is selected individually.

Pectoral cross

The main thing in the set is a cross. This item is traditionally chosen by the godfather. For a newborn baby, a safe option is purchased (without nicks and sharp parts). For baptism, a cross made of any metal is suitable - gold, silver or steel, etc. In church shops you can choose the right model and get useful information regarding the mysterious procedure.

Clothes for the baptism of a boy

Things that put on the child should not cause discomfort, be soft and pleasant to the touch. This is due to the fact that the duration of the ceremony is one hour and most of the time the baby will have to be in clothes. It is better to stay on a suitable baptismal set for a boy made of natural materials (things of the brand choupette, kid series).

Christening shirt

This attribute needs to be made of high-quality material, preferably white (a symbol of purity, innocence), a small amount of jewelry, or decoration elements of blue color, is allowed. A baptismal shirt for a boy is the clothes that a child will receive for the first time after bathing in a font, so a white cotton option would be best.


This is one of the features of the kits for boys and girls. In children's kits for boys, as a rule, only a bonnet decorated with guipure, satin is included, but the girls' clothes are complemented by a scarf. This headpiece for a mysterious procedure, like all baby clothes, should be simple, with a minimum of jewelry. Baptism is a procedure during which a person purifies his soul and returns to the free world.


This item, necessary for the ceremony procedure, can be made independently or ordered from experienced needlewomen. Crocheted booties look gently, neatly and tightly against the baby’s leg. If there is no way to buy knitted socks, then ordinary white ones are used.

Baptismal towel or diaper

This elegant attribute is necessary for wrapping the baby after bathing. They make it from natural fabrics, this is due to the fact that the child will be in a towel for a long time in the arms of the godmother. An embroidered cross on a diaper is desirable, which indicates the spiritual purpose of the item.

Where to buy and how much is a baptismal kit

Baptismal kits are purchased on the Internet, or in children's boutiques, and a cross in a church shop or jewelry store. The price of the kit varies depending on the manufacturer and model (from 1300 rubles). If collected separately, it will be more expensive, because a simple shirt made of cotton costs about 500-600 rubles, and a towel will cost 1200-1500 rubles.

How to sew a baptismal kit for a boy with his own hands

Needlewomen will not find it difficult to sew the baptismal set. Step-by-step guide (scheme) how to sew a kryzhma without a hood:

  • pick up fabric, threads and jewelry;
  • make a pattern (cut a square from the fabric with a side length of 1 m or more), based on the height of the child;
  • edges are processed with a zigzag stitch, excess material is removed;
  • a drawing is applied (for example, a boat), it can be embroidered with a cross on a water-soluble canvas (after washing the product and removing the remnants of accessories);
  • lace ribbons are sewn along the edges;
  • the finished product is ironed, neatly folded.

What does a baptismal clothes look like?