What does the Prevenar vaccine protect against?

Pneumococcal infection complicates the course of bronchitis, meningitis, otitis media, sinusitis and pneumonia. Reliable prophylaxis is required to avoid serious health effects. Prevenar vaccination is well known in modern pediatrics: what vaccination saves from is detailed in the instructions. Doctors perform immunization in a hospital setting, after examining the child for colds. Learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of the American medication for the prevention of pneumonia and the French counterpart.

Instructions for pneumococcal vaccination Prevenar

Many specialists in the field of pediatrics have heard about the innovative drug Prevenar, some strongly recommend choosing in favor of this preventive vaccine. The description of the medicinal product says that the pneumococcal polysaccharides from gram-positive bacteria are the active component. It is necessary to introduce a dose of the drug - an artificial infection from it will provoke the production of antibodies. After this interaction, the body of an adult and a child receives protection against pneumococcal infection and its consequences.

What protects

The medical calendar indicates when prophylactic vaccination is required. The actions of doctors are indicated in the WHO standards - the preventive vaccination calendar. To ensure stable immunity, it is required to administer the medicine several times at different ages. Prevenar vaccine from what is prescribed? Among the indications, the prevention of the following diagnoses should be highlighted:

  • pneumonia;
  • bacteremia;
  • sepsis;
  • meningitis;
  • otitis media

Vaccination schedule

A pneumonia vaccine called Prevenar is given in childhood. A single serving is 0.5 ml. This dose is enough not to cause side effects, but to ensure the stability of antibodies. If it is necessary to vaccinate a child up to 6 months of life, the Prevenar vaccination scheme is offered at choice:

  • triple primary vaccination with a temporary break of 1 month;
  • double vaccination against pneumonia with a restriction of 2 months;
  • the first portion of the medicine can be administered up to 2 months of life, and revaccination is best done up to a year.

Such a pneumococcal vaccine is a guarantee of health, an opportunity to avoid fatal diagnoses and not to jeopardize the life of a small child. If Prevenar or Pneumo 23 is not performed in infants, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • primary vaccination in the period of 7-11 months with a time interval of 1 month. Revaccination - at 2 years;
  • in 1-2 years, double vaccination with a time period of 2 months;
  • enter Prevenar once at the age of 2-5 years.

Who is the manufacturer Prevenar 13

The pneumococcal vaccine is highly effective, but it is not a development of domestic pharmacology. The serial production of the drug is carried out by the American manufacturer Pfizer (USA). The drug is expensive, not available to all families with small children. A worthy alternative was the Pnevmo 23 vaccine - a budget version of French production.

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Prevenar vaccine reviews

Marina, 23 years old. My daughter and I did not succeed in vaccinating Prevenar, since there is no vaccine in the children's clinic. We were offered an analogue - Pneumo 23. I had to agree. Still happy with the decision. There were no side effects in the evening, and we still do not have such diseases. Now the daughters are 7, the first vaccine was given before the year, the second after.
Elena, 37 years old -We barely got the American drug Prevenar for a child, then we had to spend a lot of money. At one time, they gave more than 2500 rubles for the medicine, but there is still an internal certainty that the daughter’s health problems in this direction are definitely not expected. Then Prevenar did not cause side effects, the vaccination was mild and imperceptible.
Ilona, ​​21 years old - They didn’t even offer us Prevenar, immediately insisted on the implementation of Pnevmo 23. In the evening my son had a fever, and could not bring down three days. It almost got to the hospital. When the time came to undergo revaccination, from my old memory I wrote a voluntary refusal to prevent pneumonia. I think that I did the right thing, all the more so, I am sure that there will not be such health problems.
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