Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid

If you felt chronic fatigue, you began to sleep poorly. You can hardly get up in the morning because it hurts your joints. Frequent colds tormented you, immunity weakened. Problems with memory began to appear: at work, they forgot to deliver a report on time, to meet with a client. You began to worry about weight: it is not enough, or, conversely, - excess. Go to the doctor immediately! Most likely, you have a pantothenic acid deficiency. This substance is so important for our body that with a shortage, the work of many organs can be disrupted. Exacerbations of diseases will occur, pain will appear.

What is pantothenic acid

Behind such a complex name is vitamin B5. It itself is produced in our intestines, if microflora is not disturbed. Due to the fact that the vitamin is found in a wide variety of foods, it constantly enters our body. But in a situation where its lack is, problems begin:

• metabolism is disturbed;

• immunity decreases;

• skin diseases appear;

• allergies occur;

• aggravated nervous diseases.

This vitamin is involved in the work of the adrenal glands. It produces a hormone, with the help of which inflammation is more easily tolerated, it is necessary for heart diseases, colitis. He is involved in the synthesis of fatty acids. With its violation and malfunction, long-term memory becomes worse, nervous diseases worsen, sleep is disturbed. It is important that the vitamin participate in the synthesis of substances that are responsible for the transmission of brain impulses. In case of deficiency, sensations of smell and taste are reduced, distraction appears.

The participation of vitamin in the synthesis of antibodies helps protect the brain from the effects of nicotine and alcohol. New cells form, the side effect of drugs decreases. The condition of the skin and hair depends on the presence of vitamin. It is important for his participation to normalize the body's water balance, accelerate the healing of wounds, burns. Vitamin plays a huge role in regulating cholesterol metabolism, prevents the appearance of atherosclerosis.

Vitamin B5 is very important for the proper functioning of the whole body. With the use of the drug:

• Inflammation, heart disease, arthritis are easier to carry.

• The work of the nervous system is being directed. Sleep improves, chronic fatigue passes.

• Regulated brain function. Long-term memory returns, distraction, forgetfulness decreases.

• Immunity is supported.

• The aging processes, the formation of wrinkles, the appearance of gray hair are postponed.

• Metabolism is regulated. Weight is stabilized by losing weight and obesity.

• The condition of the skin and hair improves.

What products contain

Without noticing it, every day we use products with pantothenic acid. At the same time, their proper preparation is important. Heat treatment allowed. But in order for the vitamin to remain in the products, it should be taken into account that destruction occurs:

• under the influence of high temperature, when frying;

• when preserving vegetables and fruits;

• as a result of freezing;

• after adding prescription vinegar.

To make up for vitamin B5 deficiency, you just need to go to the store or the market. What foods contain pantothenic acid? It is found in beef, liver, and kidneys. A large amount of it is contained in the products:

• milk, eggs;

• legumes, grains;

• sea fish, caviar;

• fresh vegetables;

• greens: salads, cabbage;

• nuts, mushrooms;

• whole wheat and rye;

• oranges and bananas.

The daily need for the human body in vitamin B5

Please note that the need for this vitamin depends on the situation. Increases during pregnancy, with great physical exertion. The daily requirement for vitamin B5 increases after operations, during stress. A large dosage is prescribed for skin diseases, severe infectious diseases. Under normal conditions, daily requirement:

• for adults - 7-10 mg;

• for pregnant women - 15-20 mg;

• infants - 2 mg;

• schoolchildren - 4 mg;

• elderly - 10-15 mg.

Vitamin B5 Medications

Vitamin B5 is part of the chemical composition of many drugs. Doctors prescribe calcium pantothenate tablets for pregnant women with toxicosis. "Brewer's yeast" - capsules - for skin diseases and for weight gain. The drug Pantothenic acid copes with muscle pain, nervous disorders, depression. Great benefits come from products containing Vitamin B5, Solgar. The pharmaceutical concern produces multivitamin complexes "Solgar multi ai" based on natural ingredients, pantothenic acid capsules.

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Release form

The pharmaceutical industry offers for use preparations containing B5 vitamins in various forms of release. Among them are tablets and capsules, which are recommended to be taken according to the instructions, washed down with water. Ampoule preparations are prescribed for intramuscular and intravenous use. The use of vitamin B5 is more effective for injections, but not everyone tolerates intramuscular injections because they are very painful.

Indications for use

Vitamin B5 deficiency causes pregnancy problems: anemia and toxicosis. Due to the need for normal functioning of the whole organism, a drug is prescribed for the treatment of:

• disorders of the nervous system;

• problems with the respiratory system;

• skin diseases;

• burns and wounds;

• allergies;

• thyroid disorders;

• joint pain;

• kidney disease;

• immunodeficiency;

• heart disease.

The use of vitamin B5 in metabolic disorders gives excellent results. Used drug for weight loss and weight gain, stops the development of obesity. This vitamin is important for normal brain function. Prevents the development of atherosclerosis, struggles with distraction and forgetfulness. If you want to postpone aging, you can not do without medicines with vitamin B5. Doctors use drugs to treat:

• anemia;

• gastrointestinal diseases;

• complications after surgery;

• circulatory disorders;

• damaged hair;

• tuberculosis;

• liver disease;

• baldness;

• pancreatitis.


It is important that vitamin B5 is well eliminated from the body, so its excess does not lead to any serious consequences. In order for the use of the drug to have the desired effect, the dosage is required. It requires a significant increase in skin diseases. Dosage can be up to 1.5 grams per day, but this gives excellent results. The amount of substance to be taken is prescribed by the doctor, it depends on the disease and the age of the patient. For adults, the dosage is up to 500 mg per day, for children - from 100 to 400 mg.

Reviews on the effectiveness of the application

Eugene, 25 years old -Very disturbed by boils throughout the body. Only one passed — another immediately appeared. It was treated by different means, but one thing helped - "Brewer's Yeast". The doctor prescribed to take these capsules and after two weeks new boils ceased to appear. I felt much better. Excellent tool, I highly recommend in the same situation.
Karina, 28 years old - Returned from vacation at sea, and her hair became dry, lifeless. The cosmetologist prescribed their treatment and recommended taking vitamins "Solgar multi ah." They contain B5 vitamins. My hair was tidied up in a month, and my nails got stronger. I was surprised that she became calmer at work. Excellent vitamins, I highly recommend taking it.
Larisa, 23 years old. Pregnancy was very difficult, severe toxicosis tormented me. The gynecologist prescribed intramuscular injections of vitamin B5, but they turned out to be very painful. Then she prescribed me the calcium pantothenate tablets. Within a week I felt better. I drank them for two months and the remaining period I felt good. I recommend future moms.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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