What diseases does the beaver stream cure?

Natural gifts are very beneficial for human health. Flowers, trees, animals and mushrooms - all of them can cure a wide range of diseases. Even a beaver shared a piece of strength and agility with a person, because the beaver stream does not help from any diseases. Do you know about such a mysterious tool and how does it help? Agree, at first glance, even the name is doubtful, which further instructions will help dispel.

What heals the beaver stream

The first question is - beaver stream, what is it? If you look at the photo, you will see brown-brown leather bags. Inside they contain a dense mass of amber color with yellow tints. Pouches have their own name - preputial glands, although biology says that they are not glands in function. The male and female hide these non-glands near the anus, only the first has 3, and the last has 2.

Beavers themselves need this substance to lubricate their wool, protect them in the cold, treat wounds and diseases. Males attract the aroma of the gland of females. What does a beaver jet treat for men and what is beneficial for women? It is able to cure diseases of almost all body systems. Here are some diseases that a beaver stream helps:

  1. Pathologies of the genitourinary system of men: impotence, prostatitis, prostate adenoma.
  2. Pathologies of the nervous and cardiovascular systems: migraine, ischemia, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, high and low blood pressure, paralysis.
  3. Diseases of the female reproductive system: inflammation of the glands, thrush, cysts.
  4. Joint pathologies: osteochondrosis, varicose veins, radiculitis.
  5. Dysfunctions of internal organs: stones, pyelonephritis, liver and kidney failure.
  6. Respiratory system: tuberculosis, pneumonia.
  7. Viral infections: SARS, herpes, flu, fungus.

Instructions for use and dosage

How is the beaver stream taken and what diseases? Any medicine, even of natural origin, helps only if the doses necessary for each disease are used correctly. The forms in which the medicine from the beaver stream is presented are powder, tincture, and even candles. The treatment of various diseases is characterized by its dose for use:

  1. The rise of immunity. Take 20 drops of beaver stream extract every morning in alcohol or a small piece of dried gland, about the head of a match. How to drink a bitter tincture? To make the beaver jet taste not so unpleasant, first try to take a spoonful of coffee in your mouth, and only then the product itself.
  2. Cold treatment. Take sharp breaths over the newly opened can of alcoholic solution. Inhale with both mouth and nose. Repeat 3 times a day, while to strengthen the immune system, take alcohol tincture inside according to the above instructions.
  3. Varicose disease. Use a tincture of a beaver stream for rubbing and therapeutic massage after steaming in a bath, sauna or bath. Combine external use with internal. After 3 weeks of the course, you will notice a positive trend.
  4. Hemorrhoids and prostatitis. Buy rectal suppositories at the pharmacy. Place the product in a container that you put in warm water. When the candle melts, add a beaver stream, previously ground, to the mixture at the rate of 1 head per 1 candle. After mixing, pour the solution into disposable syringes with a cut off end. Leave the vertically placed molds in the refrigerator until completely frozen. How to take a beaver stream in the form of candles? Squeeze out the finished product with a piston before use. Introduce candles for 10 days 1 time before bedtime, combining with the tincture of drinking 1 tsp. in the morning on an empty stomach.
  5. Candidiasis. Dilute in a glass of boiled water 2 tsp. alcohol tinctures of a beaver stream. Insert a swab soaked in the solution into the vagina. Such a course of treatment with tincture is just one use, because it helps right away.
  6. If you suffer from insomnia or pressure constantly jumps - just add a teaspoon of beaver tincture in a cup of tea or coffee. Take a drink better warm. After a few days of taking the tincture, you will feel a surge of strength and energy.

Beaver Jet Tincture Recipes

A popular remedy from a jet of beaver is a tincture. It is not necessary to buy it in a pharmacy at a price of 800 r. for 1 g - you can cook at home. There are several recipes from which you can choose one to your liking. The first type of tincture is prepared as follows:

  1. Pass finely chopped pieces of a dried beaver stream through a meat grinder. You can use a grater or just a knife. Note that the smaller the pieces, the more nutrients the finished product will contain.
  2. Take vodka in a ratio of 1: 5 and fill it with the resulting powder.
  3. Send a tightly corked bottle for a week in a dark and cool place, but do not forget to shake it every day. Tincture should acquire a light shade, like cognac. If it is too dark - add more vodka.

The second recipe involves the use of alcohol. Make sure that it is not stronger than 70%, because a high concentration kills the valuable protein contained in the biological substance of the beaver. To prepare, follow the instructions on how to make tincture:

  1. Take 400 ml of alcohol and fill them with 100 g of a beaver stream.
  2. Tightly closed container with the mixture for 7 days, leave to insist in a cool place.
  3. Here the color of the tincture should be amber. If the color is not dark enough, add a little more beaver stream, but then leave the product to infuse for another week, periodically shaking it.
  4. Do not dispose of the remaining sediment - use it for repeated infusion at a lower alcohol concentration.

The third recipe is suitable for those who do not want to wait a week, and are ready now to try on themselves the healing effect of the beaver stream from any disease:

  1. Take 70% alcohol and beaver jet powder in a 1: 1 ratio.
  2. Mix the ingredients. The tincture is ready!
  3. Use a solution of the product with water 1: 1.

Contraindications and side effects

Almost all patients tolerate beaver jet therapy well. An exception are those who have individual intolerance, adrenal dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases and organic lesions of the genitourinary system. Pregnancy, lactation, and children under 12 years of age also fall into this category. Side effects may include the following:

  • violation of the stool;
  • stomach upset;
  • headaches;
  • nervous overexcitation and sleep disturbance in excess of the dose.

Beaver Jet Healing Video

Even the beavers themselves do not know what healing substance they hide under their leather tail. A person, as he studied animals, learned what the beaver stream helps, therefore he actively uses it in his life to treat and prevent various kinds of diseases. If you are still in doubt whether the beaver stream is used and from which diseases - watch the video below with useful information about its healing properties.


Aleksey, 35 years old Age begins to take its toll - pressure surges began. Came to the doctor. He prescribed a whole bunch of drugs. A friend advised not to burden themselves with pills, but to try a jet of beaver. After 2 weeks, the pressure returned to normal, the body returned to tone. I heard that the jet is also useful for potency - the effect is really felt. My wife is happy, so I advise everyone!
Tatyana, 43 years old. This is a miracle, not a medicine. Recently I worked a lot. The result is overwork, depression. They advised a natural energetic - a beaver stream. Found a tincture recipe. I have prepared and have been taking it for 3 months already. At work, they began to call me an electric broom - buzzing all day. In addition, the tool strengthens the immune system, and therefore it has become less sick. I recommend everyone to try.
Vasily, 49 years old He began to take a tincture of a beaver stream 2 weeks ago. Her taste is terrible, so I drink tea or coffee - it’s less disgusting. The effect is amazing - the sofa after work no longer attracts. I constantly want to do something, and not sit still. My wife and I began to spend more time in the bedroom, if you understand what I mean. The nervousness and anxiety left. Give it a try!
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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