Credit Recovery Methods

Untimely repayment of loans entails various fines and damage to your statistics as a borrower. With such problems, it will be very difficult to get money from the bank next time. To use the organization’s service for issuing money again, you need to know how to fix a bad rating. Certain activities will help you become a good candidate for a loan again. Bringing the rating back to normal can be a difficult process, but it is necessary for future prospects.

How to find out your credit history

Before you start an event to change the situation, you need to decide how to find out if the credit history is corrupted. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Submit an application to the Bureau of Credit Histories yourself. You can do this according to your passport, presenting it to the nearest branch of the company. A list of such organizations can be found on the website of the Central Bank of Russia.
  2. Send a request using a notary public. In a couple of weeks, get an answer to your letter from the BCA.
  3. Applying to a financial company for a loan may result in a refusal if you have the wrong rating. The specialist must justify his decision by issuing a document to the borrower.
  4. Another way to view credit history is to use online services. There are special companies offering them for a fee. However, many are interested in how to find out your credit history for free via the Internet. Companies with similar services are as follows:
  • Central directory of credit histories
  • National BCI;
  • Equifax

Credit Recovery Methods

Instructions on how to restore your credit history:

  1. First of all, pay the debt to the creditor. It will have to be repaid in full, including interest and late fees.
  2. Having done this, take a few loans for a small amount. You can do this by taking money at microfinance departments or buying household appliances.
  3. Payments on small debts pay on time or pay off the loan ahead of schedule.
  4. How to restore a credit history in a bank? Apply for a small loan to the organization where you plan to borrow. Please note that only a commercial institution can satisfy such a request. State, for example, Sberbank, with an unsatisfactory rating of money do not give out.
  5. You have to prove that you can make regular payments. For this, receipts for utility bills for several years are provided. Before attaching them to the documentation, make sure that there are no delays in these payments.
  6. At the conclusion of the contract, provide a pledge, information that you have a stable income. Regularly paid work is suitable. As an option - find a good, solvent guarantor.

There are banks that offer their rating correction services. For example, Sovcombank has a special program, “Credit Doctor,” which you can use if certain conditions are met. If the rating was damaged through no fault of your own, you have the right to prove it through a lawsuit. It is important to ensure that you do not fall into the field of scammers. Do not use the offers for cleaning the credit rating for which you have to pay (for example, for the correction of personal data).

Video: how to restore a positive credit history in a bank

Looking at the report, did you find that the rating is spoiled? Get ready for the recovery time. Banks are not always willing to engage in unscrupulous borrowers. Correction of the accumulated history is real, but only with the assistance of a commercial financial organization. The main rule of the event is to draw a conclusion from past experience. Avoid delays in receiving small amounts of money or in special banking programs. Watch the video and be armed with information for the future.

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