Darsonval for hair

Darsonval is a modern physiotherapeutic device that has a beneficial effect on the human body through high-frequency pulsed current discharges. Beauticians use darsonval for hair to strengthen follicles. The device provides blood flow to the hair follicles, thereby increasing growth intensity. In addition, this device is able to regulate the secretion process. Oily scalp becomes cleaner and healthier, and hair gains an attractive, natural shine.

What is useful darsonvalization of the scalp

Exposure to high-frequency electric current dilates blood vessels, relieves pain, restores skin cells and prevents inflammatory processes. Medicine has successfully used these features of the device to treat many diseases for several decades. The field of cosmetology began to use darsonval for hair relatively recently.

From falling out

The problem of hair loss often occurs due to a violation of the blood supply to the follicles. The electrical effect of the darsonval device normalizes the blood circulation on the head, providing a complete supply of hair follicles with the necessary trace elements. In addition, the device reduces the secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands. Due to this, the production of androgen of saturated secretions, which lead to baldness, is reduced. In the fight against hair loss, this effect plays a decisive role.

For dandruff

In the vast majority of cases, this common disease appears when the secretion of the sebaceous glands increases or the microflora of the skin is disturbed. Under such conditions, the fungus Pityrosporum ovale actively develops. Around the sebaceous glands appear formations that use excretion as a source of necessary substances. With proper use of the darsonval device for hair treatment, the function of the glands is normalized. The fungus loses the source of "food", and therefore immediately recedes.

For strengthening and hair growth

Darsonval is useful for hair, if only because it eliminates negative factors. In addition, this device normalizes metabolism. The follicles are fully saturated with the necessary elements, the fiber structure is initially formed correctly. Hair gains natural strength and grows much faster. The darsonvalization apparatus provides a positive effect quickly and safely.

How to choose a device for home use

Learned what darsonval is for strengthening hair and were filled with the desire to purchase this device for the home? Rational decision! Choosing from the mass of options offered in the store, you must decide which one is best. To make the right decision, pay attention to the following:

  • Certificate of quality. The device that you buy will have a serious impact on the body, so do not hesitate to ask the consultants for documents confirming compliance with state standards. Before you give the money to the seller and start using the device, make sure that you are holding a device that has passed all the necessary tests and has proved its effectiveness in practice.

  • Specifications. For many women, tables with numbers and designations of physical quantities will look like insoluble riddles, but for their own benefit they will have to be sorted out. Remember the three parameters that determine the effectiveness of the darsonvalization procedure: current strength, voltage, and frequency. Devices with low voltage (2-7 kV) are used to prevent the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Medium voltage (7-12 kV) is intended for darsonvalization of the scalp. Devices with high voltage (12-15 kV) are not suitable for hair care. They are used in the fight against acne, varicose veins and the treatment of osteochondrosis. The norm of the current strength for such devices is 0.02 mA. The frequency indicator should vary between 85-135 kilohertz.
  • Type of power regulator. Practice shows that the best option is a darsonval device with a slide knob, which is a rotating disc with a scale. Also on sale are often devices with a slider mechanism for adjusting power, but they have one drawback: during operation, the user can accidentally slide the handle.
  • Equipment. During each procedure, the device is used with a nozzle of a certain type. When choosing a darsonval for the home, pay attention to the equipment. The kit should contain hair care nozzles.

How to use the device: step by step instructions

The contact darsonvalization procedure that you have to carry out is not difficult, but you need to prepare for it properly. Write down a simple procedure for yourself:

  • Treat the electrode with alcohol.
  • Install the electrode on the device.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and wait until the skin and hair are completely dry.
  • Remove all jewelry and accessories that contain metal from the body.
  • Turn on darsonval.
  • Adjust the power of the device so that a slight tingling sensation is felt on the skin.
  • Slow circular motions to drive along the scalp.

The average duration of the darsonvalization procedure is 7-8 minutes. Keep track of time so as not to harm your body. Excessive exposure to electrical impulses can cause skin damage. The duration of an intensive course of treatment and hair strengthening should not exceed 10-12 procedures. If you use darsonval for preventive purposes, conduct treatment sessions at intervals of 3-4 days.


The benefits and harms of darsonvalization are largely dependent on human health. In most cases, exposure to high-frequency electric current has a favorable result, but there are a number of circumstances in which darsonvalization is strictly prohibited. These include the following problems and diseases:

  • bleeding;
  • acute mental disorders;
  • blood diseases;
  • severe hypertension;
  • epilepsy;
  • the presence of benign tumors;
  • hirsutism;
  • hypertrichosis
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • diseases accompanied by fever;
  • tuberculosis (all varieties, including latent);
  • arrhythmia;
  • oncological pathologies;
  • cardiovascular failure.

Doctors categorically prohibit darsonvalization procedures for women during pregnancy, children under 6 years old, and people living with pacemakers. In addition, in some patients, individual intolerance to this method of treatment is noted. If you want to solve problems with hair and scalp using a darsonval device, consult a specialist in a cosmetology clinic first.

Video: how is the hair treatment procedure

After watching the video below, you will see the darsonval device in action and learn how to accelerate hair growth at home without harm to health. An experienced cosmetologist will describe the essence of the darsonvalization procedure and talk about what contributes to hair growth. Use this video as a guide to hair and scalp problems.

Where to buy and how much is the device

If you are determined to purchase the miraculous device darsonval for hair care, proceed with the search. Having studied the table below, you will navigate the cost and get detailed information about stores and online resources offering to buy such a device. Use this information to find the right option at the best price.

Name of the organization

Name of product

Organization Address


Price in rubles


Darsonval Pulse Massager US-medica b-Queen Delicate Silk.

Moscow, 3rd street of the Yamsky field, house 2, building No. 7, office No. 20 (1st floor)


5 500


The device darsonval DE-212 carats.

Moscow, Volgogradsky Avenue, Building 32, Building No. 8, Pavilion D54.


2 200

Medical equipment 24/7

Darsonval for hair and face skin Spark CT117

St. Petersburg, 41 Shvetsova street


1 850


Darsonval Gezatone Biolift4 BT201S

St. Petersburg, Gzhatskaya street, house 22, building №4


3 200


Darsonval star CH-101

Moscow, Elektrodnaya street, house 4 B


2 800

The cost of the procedure in Moscow

Darsonvalization procedures are carried out in many clinics and beauty salons. Qualified specialists use high-tech equipment and modern cosmetology techniques. They take care of the health of your hair like no other. Below you will find more specific information on how much professional hair darsonvalization procedures cost.

Name of clinic / salon


Cost, in rubles

Medical Center OH CLINIC

Tsvetnoy Boulevard, building 30, building №2

from 800

Clinic of natural beauty "Vita"

st. Druzhinnikovskaya, building 15

from 600

Clinic "Family"

Kashirskoe highway, 56

from 620

Beauty shop "Watercolor"

Federal Avenue, Building 24, Building No. 1

from 400

Multidisciplinary clinic "Medic City"

st. Poltava, house 2

from 900

Beauty shop "Fortante"

Samotechny Lane, Building 4

from 500

Photos before and after hair treatment

This method of hair treatment is chosen mainly by those who are faced with a real problem. Desperate to achieve the desired by other methods, people have serious hopes for a miracle device. At the end of the course, dramatic changes are noted. If you decide to try darsonval on yourself, take a photo before and after. Comparison of images allows you to capture the result clearly.

Reviews on the results of hair treatment

Alla, 36 years old. My hair grows poorly. I tried darsonval for hair. At first, the head itched terribly. The clinic said that if there are no contraindications, then you can continue. A course of 12 treatments has ended. I am now celebrating the changes. Not painted since the time I started using darsonval. From the roots I see that the hair has grown noticeably.
Arina, 31 years old Six months in vain tried to strengthen her hair with all kinds of shampoos and masks. A unique device helped solve the problem. Cosmetic darsonval - comb for healing the scalp and strengthening hair. Simple procedures with this device saved my appearance. Hair became strong. Volume and natural shine appeared.
Olga, 27 years old The hairdresser advised darsonval for strengthening hair for a long time, but I did not listen. I remembered this when the hair began to fall out. I bought the Iskra-3 device in a medical equipment store and started using it according to the instructions. A month later, the problem receded. Now I use cosmetics less. Hair is in excellent condition without it.

Watch the video: Lift Wand High Frequency for Your Scalp (April 2020).