How to get rid of the smell of a dog in an apartment - a review of special tools

The content of the doggie in the house is often accompanied by the appearance of an unpleasant odor. It is difficult to get rid of it, but the smell is not a reason to refuse your faithful four-legged friend. There are different ways to maintain your home in order, even if you have a doggie.

Why does the dog smell

The reasons for the appearance of an unpleasant aroma are many. The degree of severity of the smell is largely influenced by the breed.

Small dogs, such as Spitz or Yorkshire Terrier, smell much less than spaniels, shepherd dogs, rottweilers. A huge role is played by the way the owners look after the pet.

Sometimes the cause of an unpleasant aroma is too rare bathing with inappropriate detergents.

Pay attention to how the dog behaves. If she often licks the area around the anus, trying to scratch this place, then the problem may be in blocking the paraanal glands, which secrete the smell of a dog. They must be cleaned by a veterinarian, otherwise inflammation will begin. Even an amber from a dog can come from uncleaned ears and teeth. Other causes of occurrence:

  1. Seborrhea. The problem is typical for hunting dog breeds, in which sweat and sebaceous glands work intensively, and skin fat is produced intensely, because it performs the function of a barrier when wet.
  2. Improper nutrition. Unsuitable feeds and natural products in dogs cause gastrointestinal tract problems, problems with coat, skin, and allergic reactions. All this contributes to the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
  3. Heat. In summer, animals sweat harder, microbes multiply more actively on the skin and coat.
  4. The condition of the body, disease. The cause of the unpleasant aroma is metabolic disorders, hormonal disruptions, obesity, abscesses, oncology, liver disease.

How to get rid of dog smell

The fight against unpleasant aromas must be approached comprehensively, eliminating all the causes at once. To get rid of the smell of dogs, you need to do the following:

  • monitor the hygiene, health of the pet;
  • use specialized care products;
  • frequently wash and wash animal accessories;
  • if the pet has spoiled, immediately remove the consequences;
  • regularly carry out wet cleaning of the apartment.

Dog hygiene

Properly caring for your pet, you will not encounter the problem of an unpleasant odor at all. Recommendations for dog hygiene:

  1. A pet must be washed. Indoor dogs are bathed every 10-30 days, street dogs - once every 1.5-2 months. In the summer, bathing should be carried out twice as often.
  2. After each walk, wash your paws, face, stomach, under the tail.
  3. Use special bathing aids tailored to the breed. Dogs should not be washed with shampoos and gels intended for humans.
  4. After bathing, use air conditioning. Be sure to dry your dog’s hair with microfiber towels and a hairdryer.
  5. Do not buy too cheap funds. They do not completely wash away the dirt, tangles the coat, and dry the skin.
  6. Clean your pet's ears regularly. Otherwise, otitis media begins.
  7. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. To do this, use special brushes and pastes. Buy special cleaning feeds, toys, goodies. Periodically take your pet to the veterinarian to remove tartar.
  8. Often comb the animal, remove the undercoat.
  9. Trim the area under the tail regularly. Otherwise, stool particles, dirt will constantly adhere to the wool.
  10. Provide the animal with a balanced diet. It is advisable to consult with a specialist.
  11. Take your dog regularly to your veterinarian for checkups. If an unpleasant odor emanates from good care of the animal, the cause is most likely due to illness.
  12. Wash your bedding frequently, wash cups, bowls, toys.

Remedies for the smell of animals in the apartment

Almost all specialized drugs are available in the form of sprays: Flat, DesoSan, Line, Zoo Clean. Most Popular:

Name of facility





in rubles

Tri-Bio Pet and Odor Remover, 420 ml

The spray does not contain solvents, phosphates, chlorine, bleaching and abrasive substances, dyes. It can be used both for spraying and for preparing a solution for mopping on which dog urine has got.

It performs its function well and quickly, and is safe for health and the environment.

Not detected.

290 p.

"Pchelodar", Spray for the elimination of smell in the habitats of dogs, 500 ml

Contains enzymes, multi-active components, without alcohol and chlorine.

Economic expense.

Not always helps the first time.

260 p.

Exterminator of tags and smell of animals Animal Gold OdorGone, spray concentrate, 500 ml

It does not contain aggressive substances, prevents the spread of bacteria and fungi.

Harmless to humans, animals, the environment, does not spoil the surface.


815 p.

Natures Miracle 8 in 1, Oxy Formula Dog Spot and Smell Spray, 500 ml

Double action formula with low foaming.

It removes odors from any surface (laminate, carpet, wood, etc.) and even copes with old pollution.

Not detected.

430 p.

Folk recipes for the smell of dogs

There are simple ways to eliminate odor without using chemistry. Folk recipes:

  1. Add 4-5 drops of the essential oil that you like to the spray bottle with water. Spray throughout the apartment on furniture, carpets, curtains. The tool has an antifungal, antiseptic effect and will help get rid of stale air.
  2. Sprinkle the carpets in the apartment with baking soda or corn starch. After 4-5 hours, vacuum thoroughly. These powders absorb odors well and help get rid of them.
  3. Non-woven surfaces in the apartment clean with a mixture of 2 tbsp. l soda, 1 tbsp. l dishwashing detergents and 20 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Apply this composition to areas that smell, rub, and rinse after 2-3 hours. You can completely get rid of the stench
  4. To process wooden surfaces in the apartment, use a solution of 1 liter of water and 15 drops of iodine. Apply to contaminated areas and wipe with a dry rag to get rid of dog marks.

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