4 shampoos to preserve the color of dyed hair

After clarification, tinting, washing off, staining curls, it is recommended to use care products that retain their original saturated color. Moisturizing shampoos for colored hair nourish, heal, strengthen, protect against harmful environmental factors.

Natura Siberica "Protection and Shine"

The basis of domestic organic cosmetics is extracts of wild Siberian herbs with healing power, a powerful healing effect. Natura Siberica "Protection and Shine" is suitable for damaged, weakened, dyed hair, contains vegetable oils and extracts: Arctic raspberries, wheat, Roman chamomile, forest mallow, soap dish, rhodiola, cetraria, sea buckthorn.

  • Action: soapwort extract cleanses the skin well and gently, regulates the production of fat, and fights against epidermal diseases. Sea buckthorn oil is an antioxidant, nourishes the cover with the necessary vitamins, trace elements. Soybean oil helps restore strands, activates the development of dermal cells.
  • Pluses: without harmful additives, easy application, pleasant unobtrusive aroma, neutralizes static electricity, facilitates combing, restores, ensures color retention for a long time.
  • Cons: no thick foam, liquid consistency, uneconomical.
  • Price: 377 r. over 400 ml

TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Start me up

Professional shampoo for colored hair "TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Start me up" can not boast of its naturalness.

  • Action: gently cleanses, washes the dirt after the first wash, improves the shade, restores, nourishes, moisturizes, provides easy combing. To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to use "TIGI Start Me Up" with air conditioning.
  • Pros: shampoo for dark colored hair and light strands, with a dispenser, foams well, pleasant aroma, provides long-lasting color preservation.
  • Cons: relatively high cost, liquid texture, a lot of artificial additives.
  • Price: 575 r. over 355 ml

Dikson Formula Wash Nourishing

Contains keratin, panthenol, jojoba oil, no parabens. Available in a volume of 1000 ml. Learn more about the properties of Dikson Formula Wash Nourishing:

  • Action: Smoothes dyed hair, does not make it heavier, does not dry, moisturizes, nourishes, softens damaged, tough strands, protects from high temperatures during styling, restores oxidative processes after dyeing, enhances the natural shine.
  • Pros: economical consumption, good foaming, deep nutrition, hydration, color retention.
  • Cons: high cost, tangled strands, thermal effect.
  • Price: 693 r. per liter


Shampoo with grapefruit extract, B vitamins (B3 + B6), does not contain parabens. Characteristics of GARNIER Fructis "Strength and Shine":

  • Action: It makes hair shiny, facilitates combing, nourishes from roots to ends.
  • Pros: preservation of color, formula 2 in 1 (there is air conditioning), low cost.
  • Cons: Shampoo mainly for normal hair.
  • Price: 160 r. for 250 ml.

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