Professional hair balm - an overview of the best products from leading manufacturers

Unlike conventional cosmetics, professional balms contain more nutrients and active substances, and also significantly enhance the effect of shampoo, if it belongs to the care line.

How to choose

When choosing a professional balm, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the hair and scalp. Pay attention to three important points:

  • Hair type. Dry and dyed hair needs nourishment, and oily hair needs light moisturizing, without the use of silicones and vegetable oils. If the cosmetic product does not match your type, then even the best hair balm will only aggravate the situation.
  • Season. Conventionally, balms can be divided into two categories: for winter and summer. Summer balm will protect against the negative effects of UV rays, and winter - from temperature extremes, since it contains more antistatic agents so that the hair does not become electrified.
  • The rendered effect. Professional balms have a wide spectrum of action: they protect against aggressive environmental influences, moisturize, restore, give softness, silkiness and shine, make hair more docile when combing, accelerate growth, have healing properties and antistatic effect.

How to apply

Each balm contains clear instructions. If you follow the manufacturer's recommendations, the effect of the cosmetic product will be as noticeable as possible. Among the basic rules, the following are distinguished:

  • It is applied to clean, damp hair, along the entire length or from the middle. Some products with medicinal properties are recommended to be applied to the roots.
  • Professional hair balms should not be overexposed in the hope of a better result. Rinse off after the time specified in the instructions, otherwise the curls will look greasy and unkempt.
  • Rinse off better with chilled or slightly warm water, up to 36 ° C.
  • For the fatty type, it is not recommended to use conditioner every time after the balm.
  • Wet hair needs to be carefully laid with a comb with sparse teeth, so as not to damage the structure. Ideally, if the comb is made of wood.
  • It is not recommended to use the dryer for drying. Hair should dry by itself.

Popular professional tools

In the domestic market, the Kapous, Estel, Wella, Schwarzkopf product lines are presented. The products of these brands stand out against the general background with optimal prices, high quality, a variety of lines for all types of hair. Before you make a purchase, check out the overview of popular balms in different categories.

For dyed hair

This type of hair needs special care, and a professional balm should not overdry it. In the list of the best balms for this category include the following:


Price, p.


Advantages and disadvantages

Kapous, Magic Keratin


Without sulfates and parabens. The composition includes amino acids, shea butter and keratin. Nourishes, restores, protects damaged hairs. Volume - 250 ml.

Flavourless, makes hair soft and silky. Does not leave a greasy look. Poorly restores.

Wella brilliance


Professional indelible. Nourishes, simplifies combing, makes the dyed color more resistant. Volume - 150 ml.

Pleasant berry aroma. Creates shine, promotes easy combing. High cost, quickly consumed.

Estel, Curex Color Save


As part of provitamin B5, peach oil. Restores structure, gives shine and silkiness. Makes the color more intense. Volume - 250 ml.

Persistent color, but after use there is no pronounced gloss promised by the manufacturer.


Dry and brittle hair must be constantly moistened. The table shows the effective tools that will cope with this task:


Price, p.


Advantages and disadvantages

Ollin, Service Line Moisturizing


Without sulfates, parabens. Moisturizes, nourishes, gives elasticity and softness. As part of the vitamins of group B. Volume - 1000 ml.

Hair does not fluff, shine, easy to comb. It is quickly washed off. Uneconomical consumption.

Estel, Curex Volume


Contains castor oil, provitamin B5, keratin. Gives volume, softness, makes curls shiny. Promotes easy combing. Volume - 250 ml.

Provides good care, economically consumed. In rare cases, creates volume.

Schwarzkopf, Beauty Balm


In addition to moisturizing, it protects during heat treatment. Gives hair flexibility, elasticity, radiance. No need to rinse. Volume - 150 ml.

Feeling of hydration, freshness. Protects during installation. The composition of the 4th place is alcohol, which is not suitable for dry damaged hair.

Restoring for damaged hair

If you are familiar with problems such as brittleness and split ends, then pay attention to restoring products. A healthy and beautiful look will help create balms:


Price, p.


Advantages and disadvantages

Revlon, Keratin Balm


With a high concentration of keratin. Smoothes, restores hairs. Makes curls shiny, smooth. Volume - 750 ml.

Facilitates styling, moisturizes. Economic expense. Dyed hair quickly lose saturated color.

Paul Mitchell, Original


Heals, restores. Based on plant components. Contains panthenol, wheat proteins. The consistency is thick, creamy. Volume - 200 ml.

Straightens, provides ease of combing. Colored dry hair does not moisturize enough, additional cosmetics must be used.

Avon, Advance Techniques


Conditioner balm is suitable for weakened thin hair. Contains a hyaluronic-peptide complex. Volume - 250 ml.

Shine, smoothness, ease of combing. Creates a cosmetic recovery effect, but does not deal with existing damage.


Products with good vitamin composition can cure and improve damaged hairs. The table shows the popular cheap and expensive professional hair balm:


Price, p.


Advantages and disadvantages

Kayan, Keratin Care


Nourishes, restores structure. At the heart of keratin, marine collagen, instead of silicone. Contains wheat proteins, almond oil, shea. Volume - 250 ml.

Nice smell. Laying becomes easier, but a greasy look quickly arises.

Kativa, Keratina


At the heart of ceramide, keratin. Smoothes, nourishes, restores heavily damaged hairs. Creates protection against aggressive environmental influences. Volume - 1000 ml.

Strengthens, provides a healthy well-groomed look. The hair is a little electrified.