Preparations for cleaning the blood vessels of the body

As a person grows up, many changes occur in the body. Some of them are associated with the state of vessels in which harmful substances and other "garbage" settle. Gradually, the vascular lumen narrows due to the formation of plaques and calcifications in it. In order to prevent blockage of blood vessels, they must be periodically “cleaned”.

What is vessel cleaning

This is the name of a set of measures aimed at lowering blood cholesterol and destroying atherosclerotic plaques present in the vascular bed. These are procedures that will help prevent atherosclerosis - a disease of the arteries that gradually leads to their complete blockage. Such a pathology can cause a micro stroke, stroke, pulmonary embolism, gangrene of the lower extremities.

With the progression of human atherosclerosis, symptoms of insufficient blood supply to various organs arise, the feeding arteries of which are narrowed. At this stage, cleaning is necessary. Indications for its implementation:

  • severe dizziness;
  • drop in visual acuity;
  • dyspnea;
  • angina attacks;
  • joint pain;
  • cramps
  • noise in ears;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • frequent and intense headaches.

How to clean the vessels

Before starting cleaning, be sure to consult your doctor. A suitable method is selected by a specialist based on the results of a blood test for cholesterol and angiography of blood vessels. All cleaning methods can be divided into two large groups: stationary and home. The first include the following procedures:

  • Stenting. It involves the introduction of a special catheter into the artery, which expands the vascular lumen at the location of the atherosclerotic plaque. The operation is performed under local anesthesia.
  • Endarterectomy. Such a surgical operation to remove cholesterol deposits or blood clots from the lumen of the vessels. This helps restore normal blood flow. Before cleansing, an artery or vein is squeezed and a blood flow is redirected with a shunt to prevent hemorrhage. Only after this is the plaque removed.
  • Laser cleaning. The technique consists in introducing a special needle equipped with a light guide into the vascular lumen. A laser penetrates through it, which breaks down cholesterol plaques. There is also an over-the-top version of laser cleaning, when radiation affects the vessel through the skin.

In addition to such treatment methods, extracorporeal hemocorrection can be used. In this procedure, 500 ml of blood is taken from a patient whose plasma is passed through a centrifuge. So it is cleared of cholesterol. The main method of cleaning vessels at home is to take special medications. To enhance their effectiveness, a person must change his lifestyle:

  • move more, play sports, walk more often, since cholesterol is deposited in sedentary people;
  • stick to a vegetarian diet;
  • eliminate stress and anxiety;
  • strengthen immunity.

Any patients at risk of developing vascular disorders are shown motor activity. Proper physical activity can provide swimming, light running or training in the fitness center. With such activity, vascular cleansers will work better. In this process, diet is equally important. Several days can be taken for therapeutic fasting. In the future, it is important to eat only healthy food, which further contributes to the destruction of cholesterol deposits. Recommended Products:

  • seafood;
  • green tea;
  • rosehip broth;
  • cereals;
  • berries;
  • nuts
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • low-fat fish.


Injections, ointments and tablets for cleansing blood vessels are used more often than surgical methods. The latter are used only with the ineffectiveness of the diet in combination with taking medications. Purification of blood vessels with drugs has several advantages:

  • an increase in the amount of oxygen entering the tissues;
  • lower cholesterol;
  • thrombosis prophylaxis;
  • improved blood flow;
  • vasodilation.

Taking medications should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. You can not change the prescribed dosage and dosage regimen. Medications for cleaning vessels are:

  • Hypolipidemic. Used to normalize the metabolism of fats in the body, reduce cholesterol.
  • Strengthening Vascular Walls. They improve their elasticity, reduce permeability, which ensures the normal functioning of arteries, veins and capillaries.
  • Blood thinners. Reduce its viscosity, which helps prevent blood clots.
  • Antispasmodic. Among these drugs, calcium antagonists are used to cleanse blood vessels. They relax the vascular walls, due to which the blood pressure decreases and the process of pumping blood through the heart is facilitated.
  • Supplements and vitamins. These are auxiliary preparations for the purification of blood vessels, which improve blood circulation, thin the blood, and ensure the correct transport of oxygen to internal organs.

A medicine for cleansing blood vessels from cholesterol

Drugs in this group are called lipid-lowering. Their action is aimed at cleansing blood vessels directly from cholesterol plaques. Lipid-lowering drugs are divided into two types: statins and fibrates. The former inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase, which is involved in the production of this enzyme. Examples of statins:

  • Rosuvastatin;
  • Atorvastatin;
  • Simvastatin;
  • Lovastatin;
  • Zokor;
  • Fluvastatin

Often used among them is Atorvastatin. The medication is named for the substance of the same name in the composition. It controls the rate of conversion of HMG-CoA to mevalonate, which is subsequently converted to cholesterol. Plus Atorvastatin - treating patients with atherosclerotic manifestations quickly gives results. Another advantage is the possibility of taking the pill regardless of food. The disadvantage is low bioavailability, which is associated with the effect of "first passage through the liver" - about 12%. The main indications for the use of atorvastatin:

  • elevated serum triglycerides;
  • dysbetalipoproteinemia;
  • high levels of total cholesterol, apolipoprotein B, triglycerides;
  • increased cholesterol in people with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia with diet therapy ineffective.

The second group of lipid-lowering drugs is fibrates. Their main effect is to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol. In addition, fibrates reduce blood viscosity due to the obstruction of excessive platelet aggregation. Bright representatives of the fibrate group:

  • Clofibrate;
  • Tricor
  • Lipostable.

Clofibrate reduces cholesterol by enhancing the breakdown of this substance and blocking the enzyme involved in its production. Among the disadvantages of this tool, a large list of side effects can be distinguished. For this reason, clofibrate is prescribed with caution to people with diabetes. The advantage of the drug is the possibility of repeating the course of treatment, but only after a 20-30-day break. The therapy itself lasts the same amount of time. General indications for use of clofibrate:

  • sclerosis of peripheral and coronary vessels;
  • diabetic angiopathy and retinopathy;
  • hyperlipidemia with elevated levels of uric acid in blood plasma;
  • familial hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, triglyceridemia.

The strengthening walls of blood vessels

In the process of cleansing the vessels, attention is paid to their walls. They must be elastic so that the circulatory system functions normally. This is especially true for varicose veins. Drugs that strengthen the vascular walls are represented by different forms of release. Examples of such drugs:

  • injections Actovegin, Mexidol, Cavinton, Bravinton;
  • gels Troxevasin and Lyoton;
  • Heparin ointment;
  • tablets Verapamil, Falipamil, Gallopamil, Vinpocetine;
  • vitamins - Nicotinic and Ascorbic acid, Omega 3 (helps to quickly clear cerebral vessels from cholesterol).

The main advantage of dihydroquercetin is the absence of side effects. There is no drug and contraindications, except for individual intolerance to the composition of the drug. Among the shortcomings can be noted a high price. The active substance dihydroquercetin is a flavonoid that is obtained from Daurian and Siberian larch wood. This component has decongestant, detoxification and antioxidant effects. Dihydroquercetin has many indications for use:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • acute respiratory viral infections;
  • secondary immunodeficiency;
  • urinary tract infections;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Troxevasin gel is a commonly used remedy for varicose veins. The active substance in the composition is troxerutin. It acts on the veins and capillaries, providing anti-inflammatory and angioprotective effects. Plus Troxevasin - when applied to the affected area, its active component quickly penetrates the epidermis. Already after half an hour, troxerutin enters the dermis, and after 3-5 hours - into the subcutaneous tissue. Of the minuses, users note difficulties in applying, since the gel is absorbed for a long time. Troxevasin is indicated for such diseases:

  • peripheralitis;
  • varicose veins;
  • chronic vein failure;
  • varicose dermatitis;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • swelling and pain after injuries.

Blood thinners

Too viscous blood provokes the accumulation of toxins in the vessels. In addition, when it thickens, the risk of thrombosis increases. A blood clot can break away from the vascular wall at any time. After this, the blood clot begins to "travel" with the bloodstream through the body. The danger of this condition is the possibility of blockage of any vessel. This leads to cerebral stroke, heart attack and a number of other complications.

To prevent blood clots, blood thinners are used. Their main action is an obstacle to the adhesion of platelet blood cells. This effect has:

  • Cardiomagnyl. The medicine is used for chronic, acute and unstable cardiac ischemia, for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and acute venous thrombosis. Cardiomagnyl is based on acetylsalicylic acid (ACC) and magnesium hydroxide. The first substance relieves fever, relieves pain and inflammation, and prevents platelets from sticking together. Plus Cardiomagnyl - magnesium hydroxide in its composition protects the digestive tract from the action of acetylsalicylic acid. Of the minuses, there is increased bleeding after the start of the drug.
  • Thrombo ACC. The advantage of the medication is that it additionally provides analgesic and antipyretic effects due to acetylsalicylic acid in the composition. Thrombo ACC provides blood thinning by blocking the synthesis of thromboxane A2. The disadvantage of this medication is that, in comparison with the drug, Cardomagnyl does not contain substances that protect the digestive tract from the effects of ACC.

Calcium antagonists

Calcium channel blockers, or calcium antagonists, are first-line drugs for hypertension, but are also used for other purposes. The active components of such drugs reduce the amount of the indicated trace element in cardiomyocytes - heart cells. This leads to relaxation of the vascular walls, a decrease in pressure and the elimination of a lack of oxygen. Calcium antagonists are effective in arrhythmias and post-infarction conditions. Examples of such drugs:

  • Nifedipine;
  • Amlodipine;
  • Nimodipine;
  • Verapamil;
  • Diltiazem
  • Cinnarizine.

The last drug is named for the same active substance in the composition. This component reduces the amount of calcium entering the cell, which reduces the tone of the smooth muscle tissue of arterioles and enhances the vasodilating effect of carbon dioxide. The advantage of Cinnarizine is that it also has a blood thinning effect. Of the minuses, some patients taking this drug noted a strong weight gain. Indications for use of Cinnarizine:

  • condition after ischemic stroke;
  • Minier's disease;
  • kinetosis prophylaxis;
  • encephalopathy;
  • migraine;
  • senile dementia;
  • thromboangiitis obliterans;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • paresthesia;
  • trophic disturbances;
  • sea ​​and air sickness.

Verapamil, unlike Cinnarizine, is available in several forms: dragees, solution for intravenous administration and tablets with prolonged action. This can be attributed to the benefits of this drug. The lack of verapamil - more pronounced effect on the conductive system than on the vessels. The disadvantages include the fact that the drug exacerbates heart failure, provokes severe bradycardia. For this reason, Verapamil is used strictly according to the indications from the list:

  • arterial hypertension;
  • sinus tachycardia;
  • atrial tachyarrhythmia;
  • angina pectoris;
  • supraventricular extrasystole;
  • hypertensive crisis;
  • stable angina pectoris.

Dietary supplements

Tablets for cleaning vessels from the category of dietary supplements are used as an adjunct to medications. Supplements cleanse veins of heavy metals, harmful impurities, protect cells from excessive absorption of cholesterol from harmful food. The use of dietary supplements favorably affects the blood flow. Examples of such drugs:

  • Antiox Plus;
  • Vineks;
  • LS Balance;
  • Activin;
  • Capillarine;
  • Corbalance
  • Normallife;
  • Sophora

Bioadditive Antiox Plus is made in Ireland. Release form - gelatin capsules. The composition contains the following active ingredients:

  • grape squeeze extract;
  • vitamins C and E;
  • beta carotene;
  • ginkgo dicotyledonous leaf extract;
  • zinc oxide;
  • yeast with selenium.

Antioxidant exhibits antioxidant and restorative properties. The advantage of the drug in the absence of side effects. Only in rare cases, after taking it, allergic reactions can develop. The disadvantages include the difficulty of taking, as some patients find it difficult to swallow capsules. Antioxidant can be used in the following cases:

  • for the prevention of cardiovascular disease;
  • to compensate for nutrient deficiencies;
  • to strengthen immunity;
  • to increase stress resistance of the body.

Corbalance has a similar composition. It contains an extract of grape seed, which is considered the most effective in strengthening vascular walls. Additionally Corbalance contains:

  • Centella asiatica extract, which dilutes blood and reduces oxygen demand of cells;
  • extract of the blood red hawthorn fruit;
  • extract from the motherwort.

The advantage of a dietary supplement is the absence of contraindications in addition to individual hypersensitivity to the composition of the drug. Corbalance has no side effects. The main indication for its use is the prevention of cardiovascular pathologies, including heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis. Corbalance is useful for those who constantly take medications for arrhythmia, as it strengthens the heart muscle.


The main effect of vitamin-mineral complexes is to strengthen the walls of capillaries and arteries.In addition, such drugs stimulate blood circulation, which ensures the flow of oxygen to all internal systems. The following vitamin complexes are useful for blood vessels:

  • Vitrum. The advantage of this complex - includes almost all possible vitamins and minerals. Provides the body's resistance to infections, normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system, contributes to the normal reduction of the myocardium, regulates metabolic processes. Among the shortcomings, side effects in the form of allergies can be noted. Vitrum is used for vitamin deficiency and hypovitaminosis, a high need of the body for vitamins, worsening resistance to infections, and an unbalanced diet.
  • Dopelhertz Asset Potassium and Magnesium. In addition to these microelements, the complex contains zinc, chromium, iron, and B vitamins. The combination of these substances helps to restore the balance of electrolytes, strengthen the nervous and cardiac systems. The advantage of the drug is available in the form of effervescent tablets, which facilitates their administration. Disadvantages of this complex is not noted. Indications for its use: the risk of heart pathologies, chronic fatigue, to increase endurance in training and the prevention of complications of diabetes.
  • Specialized drugs of this group include Angiitis. It is intended for the treatment and prevention of hyperhomocysteinemia, which experts attribute to the primary risk factors for the development of atherosclerosis, thrombosis and coronary artery disease. Hyperhomocysteinemia is a violation of protein metabolism associated with an increase in the concentration of homocysteine ​​amino acids in the body. The state of hyperhomocysteinemia develops with a lack of vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid.
    An excess of homocysteine ​​leads to damage to the inner walls of the vessel. At the same time, the risk of developing thrombosis, and then the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and such formidable vascular complications as heart attacks and strokes, is increased.
    Angiovit ® is a medicine containing vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid in specially selected therapeutic dosages. It is prescribed inside, regardless of food intake, 1 tablet per day, the recommended course of taking the drug is 2 months.
    Also - "Angiovit" ®- is necessary for those who take Magnesium preparations for a long time, for example, Cardiomagnyl or Panangin. When taking these drugs, B vitamins, especially B6, which is needed for the absorption of Magnesium in the body, are “washed out” of the body. As a result, vascular problems may worsen and worsen. Taking "Angiovit" ®-with Magnesium preparations- you will protect yourself from the above problems.


The cost of preparations for cleaning vessels is determined by the form of release and the manufacturer. The price is also affected by the number of tablets or capsules and the volume of ampoules (for drugs in the form of solutions for infusion). The cost of popular drugs for blood vessels:

The name of the drug

Volume quantity

Price, rubles

Angiitis60 tab.


30 tab.



100 tab.


Troxevasin gel

40 g



30 tab.



30 tab.



10 ampoules of 2 ml



50 g


Heparin ointment

25 g



30 tab.



50 tab.



30 tab.


Thrombo ACC

28 tab.



100 tab.



50 tab.



30 capsules


Doppelherz Asset

30 tab.


Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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