Hair color palette Loreal Preference

Paint Loreal Preference - a real find for the fair sex! If you do not want to spoil your hair, but, on the contrary, give it a shiny and saturated color, protect it from tarnishing, then your choice should fall into this treasured box. Vitamin E and ultraviolet filters in the composition of the coloring agent protect the hair from the negative effects of environmental factors, improve its appearance, and prevent color fading.

Dye Loreal Preference for hair

Paint Loreal Preference is suitable for coloring by specialists in the salon and home use. The presence of a large number of various shades helps each lady to choose the perfect hair color, which she had long dreamed of. After all, the fair sex is faced with the need to paint over gray hair or a spontaneous desire to change the image, their appearance. It remains only to choose: a passionate brunette, a glamorous blonde or a beast with a fiery shock! Who is closer to your character?

The composition of products from Loreal is in continuous improvement. No wonder the famous colorist Christoph Robin advises ladies of any age this product. And colorists know a lot about this business, believe me! Back to the composition. Fans of blond flowers can not be afraid of such a hated yellowness, because thanks to lavender oil in the composition, this undesirable effect does not threaten you. The improved formula allows the dye to penetrate deep into the hair structure, which guarantees saturation, lasting shine and color.

Professional balm in packaging Loreal Preference is characterized by a protective function: it restores hair after exposure to ammonia, returns its natural protection. In addition, Loreal's new product is an ombre stain. You will get a soft, elegant transition from dark to light thanks to the unique comb in the kit and strict adherence to the instructions.

Palette of colors blond

First of all, let's figure out who suits the shades of the blond line? In bright light colors, ladies with light curls, skin and eyes can not deny themselves. For the Spring color type, it is better to lighten the hair with shades of blond, leaving in gold and honey, which will give expressiveness to facial features. The color type Summer is suitable for ash or light brown shades, cooler. It is better for the autumn color type to choose a dark blond with a honey and gold undertones, and in winter - a contrasting platinum blond.

In hair dye Loreal Preference, the palette for blondes consists of fifteen warm and cold tones:

  • 01 - light-light natural blond hair color, creates the image of a classic glamorous diva;
  • R 01 - will make you a platinum blonde;
  • 03 - ashy light-light blond;
  • 05 - beige light blond;
  • 10 - light, light blond, rich, saturated color;
  • 10.1 - light blond, a classic image of northern beauty;
  • 10.21 - light-light pearl-blond, Stockholm;
  • 10.2 - light-light pearl-blond, creates a chic iridescent shade of sea pearls;
  • 8.1 - ashy light blond;
  • 8.32 - light blond golden-pearl;
  • 8.34 - light brown copper golden;
  • 9 - very light blond, the color of a real Hollywood diva;
  • 9.1 - ash very light blond, Viking;
  • 9.13 - beige very light brown, Baikal;
  • 9.2 - pearl light light blond; this color seems to play on diamond edges in different shades.

Color Picker for Brunettes

Brunette is also a popular shade of hair for women. There are several nuances in choosing a color. If your color type is cold, then the selected color should be from the same gamut. And if the skin has a warm shade, then you should choose reddish, chocolate, chestnut tones. The darker your skin, the darker the color you can afford.

For brunettes, Loreal Preference hair dye has a palette of twelve shades:

  • 1.0 - Naples, a classic deep black color;
  • 4.01 - deep chestnut, Paris;
  • 4.15 - chestnut dark, Caracas;
  • 4.56 - Mahogany, Grenada, a thick reddish tint, deep and rich;
  • 5.25 - Chestnut pearl, Antigua;
  • 5 - Light chestnut, Rome;
  • 5.32 - Golden Amber, Madras; creates a beautiful shade of a real gem;
  • 5.56 - copper mahogany, Castilla;
  • 6 - dark blond, Madrid;
  • 6.35 - light amber, Havana;
  • 7.43 - intensely copper, Shangri-La, beautiful deep copper color.

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A palette for copper and red hair

Red-haired beasts attract both male and female. And not in vain, because it is a very mysterious color, but it is worth fully approaching it. Your skin has a pink tint, then choose a rich cold tone of red, and if the skin gives a pallor, your colors are natural pure light red. For dark-skinned people, it is better to choose dark shades of fiery color.

For coloring in red and reddish tones in the hair dye Loreal Preference there is a palette of four tones:

  • P78 - paprika;
  • P37 - ripe eggplant, a deep languid shade of red;
  • P50 - dark red amber;
  • 74 - intense copper.

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Yana: - “For the first time I tried Loreal paint of copper-brown color, I liked it. I want to get a haircut and refresh the color. “The paint will stay on my hair for a long time, rest assured, I’ve already been convinced.”

Vika: - “In general, Laurel Preference Rome is pleased with the resulting color, but there is a big minus for me - a very liquid consistency. It drains from the hair, smudges everything around, it is difficult to apply with a brush. Another time I'll try Loreal Mousse. ”

Nastya: - “I tried the dark copper shade of Loreal. The result was pleasing, but I washed off the paint itself earlier, because I did not want too dark a color. The result was how I imagined. The paint provides an even, deep color. ”

Below we present a video that clearly demonstrates a review on the paint Loreal Preference in shade 5, Rome. The girl on the shelves lays out the flaws and advantages of the paint, compares the result of the color with the one indicated on the package.

Watch the video: L'oreal Superior Preference Viking Light Ash Blonde. PRODUCT REVIEW (April 2020).