Curls on medium hair at home. Hairstyles with curls for medium hair step by step, photos and video

Women with straight hair want to pamper themselves with a cascade of curly hair, but not everyone has enough money to visit beauty salons. Beautiful curls on medium hair can be done independently by each girl. Neatly arranged curls are suitable for everyday life, an official business meeting, a gala evening. There are various ways to curl curls on medium hair, but you should refrain from perming.

How to make beautiful curls at home

Beautiful curls on medium hair at home are made using papillots. Papillots are long foam rubber curlers, and inside them is a wire. In order to make a good perm, you need to wash your hair, then dry your hair. Take a strand, wrap it around a papillot, and after it a second, third and so on. Evenly distribute the amount of hair in the strands so that you have enough papillot.

It will turn out to not remove soft curlers even at night, it is very comfortable to sleep with them, you will not feel inconvenience. In the morning, when you take off the papillot, you will get a graceful perm without any chemistry. You should not comb the curls, with the help of your fingers gently lay them in the hairdo, then fix it with varnish.

Several ways to curl curls at home:

  1. Apply foam to equally divided wet strands, gently wrinkle the hair with your own hands, dry them with a hairdryer. Natural light curls are ready.
  2. To make curls for medium hair it will turn out like this: twist the strands into a bun and dry them with a hairdryer. As a result, elastic curls.
  3. Braid about six even braids of wet hair, leave until morning. The result is natural wavy curls.

Light curls with an iron

Curls for medium hair are also done with an iron, called a straightener or styler. To do this, you need to hold the strand taken from the roots at the base, and then wrap it around the bottom of the iron, scrolling it towards the end of the strand.

The method is effective for hair reaching shoulder level, and the styler must be kept away from the face so as not to get burned. Women say that curls with the help of ironing go large, and the curl becomes light, airy, romantic.


Curling irons come in various diameters. Depending on what kind of curls you need, choose the right curling iron size. Curls are made in this way quickly, which turns the morning styling before work into a pleasant procedure. To get small curls you need to use a thin curling iron, for large ones - choose a curling iron of a larger diameter. Such a curling device is suitable for hair of any length, but in order for the curls to turn out beautiful, and the curl itself holds well during the day, you need to choose the right device.

To start work on a hairstyle is to use a special protective spray, then apply a fixing agent - mousse or gel, and professional masters advise starting a perm with a nape. The hair is wound with a curling iron so that there are no creases, rotations should be directed to the roots. Each twisted strand should be warmed up for no more than 2 minutes, in addition, it is worth remembering: you can not comb the curls, you should carefully separate them with your fingers. The hairstyle is ready when it is fixed with varnish.

Large curls on curlers

Curlers have been used for a long time, they were used by our mothers and grandmothers. They are very easy to use and accessible to every girl. There are different types of curlers: thermal curlers, whooping cough, Velcro, boomerangs. Thermal curlers are popular due to the speed of styling, but lead to the loss of healthy hair. Therefore, it is necessary to choose those models that are made of heat-resistant plastic.

It is worth giving preference to models with Velcro, plastic or flexible - they do not spoil the hair structure. If you have a short length, then those big curlers that are fastened with Velcro will be the best option, because they give the hair volume. -Night curlers should not be left, they interfere with sleep, and in addition, stress can cause a headache. The curled hair should not be dried with a hairdryer, this makes them dull and inanimate.

The winding technology is as follows:

  • The head must be washed and wait until the hair dries out a little.
  • Apply foam, wind the strands using curlers, each of them fasten with an elastic band.
  • When the hair is dry, remove the curlers and style the hair as you like.
  • Do not fix the hairdo with varnish.

Small curls on rags

There is nothing difficult in the method of curling with the help of rags, it can be done in the evening, leaving the hair wound around at night, as well as during the day. It is necessary to prepare rags made of cotton material in advance: cut the fabric into small pieces, reaching twenty centimeters in length, five in width. Before curling your hair, be sure to comb it with round brushing and divide it evenly. Take the tip of one strand, wrap it in a cloth until you get a tight knot.

Such a curl does not limit the possibility, because it depends on the location of the rags and on how much the lock is taken: the thinner the lock, the finer the curls. This perm does not harm the hair, after it they become lush, look natural.

How to make voluminous curls for a wedding - step by step instructions

To get a wedding or evening hairstyle, as well as styling for the prom, you will not need to work hard. To create an original fashionable hairstyle, you should prepare the following materials:

  • Moisturizing Serum
  • Little hair clips
  • Fixing varnish
  • Large curlers

Step-by-step instructions for a wedding hairstyle:

  1. Apply serum, distributing it through the hair.
  2. Divide them into even strands, wind them using curlers.
  3. When the hair has dried, carefully remove the curlers, fix the styling with varnish.
  4. Carefully make a pile, fasten it behind the ear.

Video tutorial evening hairstyles with curls on the side

The video tutorial talks about how to make an evening hairstyle with curls on its side.

For the hairstyle you will need a minimum of materials, and the hair itself must first be curled. In the lesson on the video, the girl shows in detail and in an accessible way how to do her hair herself. It is done no more than ten minutes.

Photo selection - hairstyles curls with bangs and without

Such a huge variety of styling methods gives us a reason to experiment with hairstyles and create every day new unique images that will be remembered by others.