Black coat - how to choose a winter and demi-season style

Every woman who follows her style is very responsible for the selection of outerwear. It is advisable to include a black coat in your basic wardrobe. This thing can be made in different styles and goes well with other clothes, shoes, accessories. Find out which products are the most popular this season. This will help you make the right choice and look perfect even in the cold.

Fashionable black coats

This basic thing should be present in the wardrobe of any woman. Now on sale you can find any styles of black coats, but the most popular are:

  1. Classic. Hourglass silhouette. The product is single-breasted or double-breasted, usually with buttons. Must have a belt or belt at the waist. The standard length is from the middle of the thigh to the knees.
  2. Direct. The product is not fitted. Any length. Typically, a thing is complemented by a large turndown collar or a deep neckline. Now it is very popular to have large pockets and a minimum amount of fittings. Suitable for both classic and elegant things.
  3. Without a collar. Product with a small round neckline. The cut is fitted and straight.

Not only the style of the thing is very important, but also the elements selected for decoration, accent details that attract attention. What is now at the peak of popularity:

  1. Leather, suede. All products and individual parts can be made of these materials: sleeves, stand-up collar, pockets.
  2. Asymmetric bottom. The uneven hem looks bold and original.
  3. Embroidery, sequins, prints, decorative lines. The main thing is that the thing should not be overloaded with trim elements.

How to wear a black coat

The secret to the success of creating a successful image is the ability to combine things, choose shoes and accessories for them. What to wear with a coat is influenced by its style, style, length. General recommendations for combining clothes:

  1. Colored skirts and dresses are perfect for a black coat. If the outerwear is of a direct silhouette, then let the bottom be tight-fitting. Lush dresses are suitable for outerwear in the style of baby dollars.
  2. Black blends very nicely with navy blue clothing items and accessories.
  3. A great option for the bottom - jeans in a saturated blue or blue shade or denim jumpsuit. They can be both tight and loose. Still fit leggings, classic dark pants.
  4. If you wear a skirt or trousers under a black coat, it is better to choose a simple top. Free blouses, concise tops, sweaters will do.


The choice of successful options is huge. Depending on the direction of the image, you can choose shoes with high heels and flat soles, classic and athletic. Tips:

  1. For a youth look, sneakers or sneakers are suitable.
  2. If you're wearing denim pants, check out the grunge style coarse boots.
  3. For a low-key style, it is better to choose black shoes. If you want to add a twist to your look, pay attention to contrasting options.
  4. The best element of a gentle look is heels or wedges. It can be over the knee boots, boots, ankle boots or shoes.


Even the smallest detail can turn an ordinary, unremarkable image into a winning one. Therefore, accessories for outerwear must be selected with great care. Which is suitable:

  1. Scarf. You can choose any color of this element, the main thing is that it be bright. A scarf will fit a black coat in shades of Marsala, mustard, emerald, gray-blue. Knitted, large cashmere scarves, clamps are relevant. One option is a patterned neck scarf made of chiffon or silk.
  2. Hat. This accessory must have something in common with something in color. Hats of large knitting, voluminous berets, felt hats are very popular. Almost everyone suits hats of deep red and wine tones, blue, cream shade.
  3. Gloves. As in the case with other accessories, it is better to pay attention to bright options, for example, to match the scarf.

A bag

The choice of this item depends on the style, color of accessories, clothes and shoes that you plan to wear. Bag Combination Tips:

  1. Classic. An elegant medium-sized handbag is suitable for things in this style: a trapeze, a hobo. The color is calm, dark. An image with a clutch on a metal chain will look good.
  2. If the image is informal, it is better to take a backpack, bag or other bulky product. The hue is bright or black.
  3. Remember that you need to choose a bag based on your height. Whatever the miniature girl is wearing, a huge bag will ruin her appearance.

The images

There are several proven fashionable combinations that will always look advantageous. If you want to impress everyone with your sense of style, try the following looks:

  1. A black ankle-length overcoat will seamlessly integrate into a street style. It is best to wear it with dark pipe pipes and black and white sneakers. You can add a small handbag to match the shoes.
  2. A midi length product looks great with both elegant and informal items. Try combining it with a pencil skirt, sweater, or blouse.
  3. A short coat to the mid-thigh will be the most versatile. A very elegant look will be obtained when it is combined with a strict red dress, suede ankle boots. To complete this sexy onion, lips painted with rich cherry lipstick.
  4. A cropped product just below the waist will be best combined with tight-fitting trousers or jeans, high-heeled shoes.
  5. A coat with a hood is more suitable for a sports or informal style. It is best to wear black skinny pants, a jumper, non-massive boots under it.
  6. Outerwear can be combined with everything black: a short skirt, tight tights, a bag, ankle boots. A bright accent is red lips and a large scarf of the same shade.
  7. A straight coat to the knees will look great with a white dress shirt, straight fit trousers, sneakers. Instead of a bag, a black leather backpack.
  8. An oversized product will be in perfect harmony with boyfriend jeans, sleek tops, and pumps.

Black coat models

Fashion brands offer a huge selection of such things, because absolutely any woman can make a purchase. On sale there are long, short and midi coat options, with or without a hood, with fur collars and inserts, made of natural and artificial materials. Whatever your taste preferences and budget, you can definitely choose the right outerwear for yourself.


Some things can be worn for years and they still will not go out of style. This applies to the following product:

  • model name: Anthony Vaccarello, 7030, 11176018;
  • price: 36,000 rubles;
  • characteristics: classic, straight cut, made of wool mix, fastens with one button, length just above the knee;
  • pluses: stylish, warm, suitable for any shoes and accessories;
  • Cons: no pockets.

If you prefer to wear a black classic coat, then pay attention to the following option. Description:

  • model name: Trussardi, 3116207;
  • price: 32800 p.;
  • characteristics: on buttons, fitted, with welt pockets, without insulation, length to thigh, demi-season;
  • pluses: high-quality tailoring, sits well on the figure;
  • cons: short sleeves.


The next thing will appeal to girls who like to attract attention with their original appearance. Description:

  • model name: Stella McCartney, 5001817, 393143 / SDB 40;
  • price: 83900 r.;
  • characteristics: straight fit, length to mid-thigh, double-breasted, woolen;
  • pluses: combined with many things in different styles, soft, warm;
  • Cons: no pockets.

Girls who love simple and elegant things are advised to take a closer look at the next option. Description:

  • model name: Fashion, S. A., 3557046;
  • price: 29840 r.;
  • characteristics: slate-colored, made of Virginia wool and cashmere, with buttons, fleecy material, welt pockets in the seam, single-breasted, knee-length;
  • pluses: sits well, high-quality, pleasant to the touch;
  • Cons: no hem, hood, pockets are too low.


The next thing looks very reserved and strict, suitable for everyday and business style. Description:

  • model name: Helmut Lang, 001 Black, H 05 HW 402, 12168439;
  • price: 73500 r.;
  • characteristics: length to the middle of the calf, single-breasted, with buttons, wool top with cashmere, silk lining, on the belt, with patch pockets;
  • pluses: elegant, stylish;
  • Cons: dry clean only.

Long outerwear always looks very stylish and is especially suitable for tall girls. If you like this, check out the following option:

  • model name: Vivaldi, 4314691;
  • price: 14455 r.;
  • characteristics: with golden buttons, fitted, retro-style, texture of the material boucle, pockets in the seam, no insulation;
  • Pros: spectacular, emphasizes the dignity of the figure;
  • cons: thin.

A short

If the weather is warm outside, it is not necessary to wear a black long coat. The following option is much more suitable:

  • model name: Altuzarra, 41719926 WG;
  • price: 60,750 r .;
  • characteristics: short, made of wool and polyamide, with golden decorative buttons on the front and on the sleeves, a classic collar decorated with sequins, semi-fitted;
  • pluses: many pockets;
  • Cons: Needs careful care.

The next black short coat is suitable for a cool spring evening, it is very light. Description:

  • model name: J Brand, JB 000791, 12271134;
  • price: 16100 r.;
  • characteristics: cotton, to the middle of the thigh, shirt cut;
  • pluses: machine wash allowed, cheap;
  • Cons: thin, not for cold weather.

To the knee

Things of this length are universal, they are very comfortable and you can choose shoes with heels and flat soles. Description:

  • model name: Lea Vinci, 3838715;
  • price: 30100 r.;
  • characteristics: from alpaca and wool, with buttons, fitted, smooth material, welt pockets, viscose lining, single-breasted;
  • pluses: soft, comfortable, looks stylish;
  • cons: without insulation.

Lovers of concise and moderately strict things will surely like the following model. Description:

  • model name: Pompa, 3108439;
  • price: 23000 r.;
  • characteristics: woolen, fastens with buttons, tight-fitting, fleecy texture, welt pockets, with set-in sleeves, knee-length, with a belt;
  • pluses: elegant, pleasant to the touch;
  • Cons: pile sticks to the fabric.

Double breasted

Outerwear of such a cut is very popular. The next short coat is double-breasted and shortened. The following is a brief description:

  • model name: Celine, 41701866 KR;
  • price: 33600 r.;
  • characteristics: from 100% wool, a collar with lapels, there are two welt pockets, on a semi-lining, a semi-adjacent silhouette;
  • pluses: stylish, looks spectacular;
  • Cons: Not suitable for too cold weather due to length.

The following product looks very original, ideal for creating everyday looks. Description:

  • model name: Alexandre Vauthier, 99827;
  • price: 101650 r.;
  • Features: made of wool and polyamide, straight fit, double-breasted clasp, golden buttons, a collar with wide fold-down lapels, side pockets with straps;
  • pluses: warm, looks stylish;
  • Cons: hard to clean.

Oversized coat

The following product fits freely on the figure, looks very stylish and concise, inexpensively. Description:

  • model name: Vanessa Bruno Athe, 41749884 BP;
  • price: 15650 r.;
  • characteristics: flannel, double-breasted, fastens with buttons, collar with lapels, inside lining, two pockets in front, length to the middle of the thigh;
  • Pros: warm, comfortable, easy to clean;
  • Cons: only in one size.

If you are looking for outerwear of the oversize style that is fashionable now, pay attention to the following option. Description:

  • model name: Ylluzzore Fashion Brand, 4399845;
  • price: 16900 r.;
  • characteristics: from 100% wool, without fastener, smooth texture, welt pockets;
  • pluses: nice fabric, sits nicely, non-marking;
  • Cons: no insulation, edge, hood.

With fur collar

The edge always gives the outerwear a refined and elegant appearance. The product, the description of which you will now familiarize yourself with, has a beautiful fur collar:

  • model name: Gamelia, 2523160;
  • price: 32 360 r .;
  • characteristics: woolen, with buttons, loose fit, fleecy texture, welt pockets, there is insulation, single-breasted, on the belt, the collar comes unfastened;
  • pluses: beautiful edge, high-quality tailoring, slim;
  • Cons: size mismatch is common.

In the next thing, any woman will look incredibly impressive and will attract attention. Description:

  • model name: Pompa, 3292383;
  • price: 28490 r.;
  • characteristics: a fastener clasp, tight-fitting cut, fleecy texture, patch pockets, polyester insulation, viscose lining, single-breasted, with a belt, rabbit collar;
  • pluses: warm, good length, soft velvety fabric;
  • Cons: the fur crumbles a little.

Without collar

The following product is ideal for elegant and sophisticated women. Description:

  • model name: Chado Ralph Rucci, 1777160;
  • price: 51,700 r .;
  • characteristics: floor length, medium density fabric, with decorative stitches in front;
  • pluses: looks spectacular;
  • Cons: lack of pockets.

The following product is very elegant, emphasizing femininity and sophistication. Description:

  • model name: Lublu Kira Plastinina, 22-69-23388 PG;
  • price: 6000 r.;
  • characteristics: fitted, with a belt of dense satin;
  • pluses: cheap;
  • Cons: no pockets.


People who do not like to wear hats will certainly like the next option of outerwear. Description:

  • model name: Acne Studios, Cami Double, 91547;
  • price: 46000 r.;
  • characteristics: from wool and cashmere, with a volume hood, fastens on a single-breasted strap with buttons, free cut, in the center pocket-kangaroo, length to the middle of the thigh;
  • pluses: suitable for sports-style things, warm;
  • Cons: hard to clean.

The next black women's coat with a hood is suitable for girls who live where autumn and winter are not too warm. Brief information:

  • model name: Burberry Prorsum, 5117493, 4028003;
  • price: 195000 r.;
  • characteristics: from dense black cotton, insulated with down and feather, with a belt, hood with detachable natural fox fur, cuffs with adjustable straps, knee length, double-breasted;
  • pluses: warm, comfortable, sits well;
  • Cons: high cost.

With fur

The girl who chooses the next thing will not go unnoticed even in the most crowded place. Description:

  • model name: Dennis Basso, 1865809;
  • price: 312900 r .;
  • characteristics: black winter coat, from natural fur of astrakhan fur with sable collar, lined;
  • pluses: warm, suitable for cold weather, elegant;
  • cons: expensive.

The next item has a chic edge made of natural fox fur, which gives it sophistication. Description:

  • model name: Roberto Cavalli, 5179409, FQQ507 WH 020;
  • price: 262500 r.;
  • characteristics: black, cashmere, fur dyed to match the product, belt with large buttons, viscose lining;
  • Pros: for a business and everyday look;
  • Cons: no hood.

How to choose a black coat

Modern manufacturers offer in their collections a huge assortment of outerwear and it is very difficult to find the most suitable thing among them. When choosing a coat, you need to take into account many factors: the type of figure and appearance, style preferences, budget. Remember some recommendations that make it easier for you to make the right decision:

  1. Having defined your parameters, you can order things in the online store from Moscow, St. Petersburg or even from other countries with mail delivery.Virtual platforms sometimes offer good discounts, arrange promotions and sales.
  2. Choose dense and rich materials. Boucle, wool, and other massive fabrics are very popular now. For lovers of elegant style, cashmere will do. For everyday wear, choose products from the drape.
  3. The maxi option is better for girls of high and medium height.
  4. Women with a heavy bottom (pear shape) are suitable options with high waist. They visually conceal the volume, give proportionality. Still, such options can be considered for girls with figures of the apple and rectangle types, in which the waist is not too pronounced and the top is fragile.
  5. Straight fit is a great choice for owners of almost any shape. It is important to understand that this style, although very fashionable, does not highlight the merits.
  6. Tulip is a very feminine style. Perfect for girls who have not too bulky hips. These are the types of rectangle, inverted triangle, apple.
  7. Semi-fitted and fitted options are a great choice for women with a body structure such as an hourglass. Some products of this style can be chosen by girls with figures of a rectangle, an inverted rectangle.
  8. A cape coat will hide any imperfections in the body.


Marianna, 32 years old At one time I had a nice coat from Arsenicum, but after giving birth I got a little better and it was not enough for me. I bought another, in the oversize style of natural wool. I wear both stiletto heels and insulated sneakers, and looks great with any shoe. I believe that such a universal thing should be mandatory in a woman’s wardrobe.
Kristina, 28 years old With the onset of autumn, the question arose of buying outerwear and I wanted a classic black women's coat. I chose a knee-length option from cashmere. It looks modest and at the same time very expensive. The kit has a wide belt that perfectly emphasizes the waist line. It is often necessary to clean the villi, but so with almost any outerwear.
Alexandra, 25 years old For a long time I could not decide what to buy for the winter: a coat or a down jacket. I stopped at the first option and have not regretted it yet. She took a woolen coat with insulation and a removable hood. The hem is decorated with embroidery; it looks very elegant and feminine. I wear, as a rule, with skinny jeans and dress pants. I pick up shoes with heels.
Tatyana, 41 years old I love the coat and for this season I bought myself another one: black, cashmere, with a collar and pockets made of silver fox fur. The length is just above the knee, the fit is fitted, there is a belt in the kit, although you can wear it without it. The thing is very warm and practical, helps me out in almost any weather. I did not regret that I bought this option.

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