How to make an offer to a girl - beautiful and original

In the life of every man, sooner or later, the moment comes when he decides to start a family. And this desire is even stronger if he met "the very one," the one and only. If the man’s intentions are serious, and he wants the future marriage to be strong, and love lasted a long time, he must carefully consider how to make an offer to the girl. After all, the more romantic everything is organized, the more clearly this will attest to the love of the groom, which is very important for each chosen one. Calling your beloved marriage is the foundation of marriage, and it is better to lay it thoroughly.

How to prepare

Before making a proposal to a girl, it is necessary to determine how and when it is better to do it, as well as conduct some preparatory work:

  • The first thing you need to buy a ring, which should be not only the size of the girl, but also to suit her taste. The following tips will help in this important matter:
    1. If you don’t know the diameter of her finger, it’s not so difficult to find out the size: take advantage of the moment when she’s in the shower and measure the ring that she always wears, so that the finger on which she wears it coincides with the “wedding” "nameless.
    2. The second option is to invite the girl to go shopping, one of which will be jewelry. As if by chance (it is better even without your presence, so that she would not have guessed about the upcoming event), give her the opportunity to look around there, try on jewelry, including rings. After all the fitting, when the chosen one will study the assortment of another store, go to the consultant of the jewelry salon and find out what size ring she tried on.
    3. There you can find out what kind of ring she especially liked. It’s worth buying jewelry in the same style, but more expensive, because this demonstrates the power of love for the chosen one, and if there is an opportunity, it is better not to skimp and please the beloved. As a result, her environment will be interested in a wedding ring, and at these moments the girl should not be ashamed. After all, the ring is the face of the chosen one, demonstrating his taste, well-being, qualities of character, disposition to the bride.

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  • Finding the right moment to make an offer is very important. It happens that the couple quarreled, the guy realized that he did not want to live without a girl, decided to make an offer, and she was still in a state of resentment. Even if the chosen one loves the groom, the likelihood that she will refuse him a burst of negative emotions increases several times. Therefore, if you want to get consent, confess your love when the relationship is in a favorable phase, there will be no understatement, unresolved issues, unfulfilled claims, both will be ready for marriage.
  • The way the proposal will be made is also very important. For each girl, to hear the cherished words from a loved one is like a fairy tale that comes to life. And therefore, the moment of the proposal should be magical. Each girl has her own character, dreams, her own sense of miracle and understanding of marriage. The spirit of all this must be invested in an event that will become the background for recognition.
    1. If the couple’s relations are strong, they are built on an understanding, spiritual feeling of each other, and a man should have no difficulties choosing a place and a way.
    2. If, the soul of the chosen one is still shrouded in mystery, it is worthwhile to be observant and find out what she dreams about, what delights her beloved, what touches her or surprise. Find out what she dreamed about in childhood, the details of her life, changes in her worldview, what her impossible, true dream is and make her come true.
    3. If this proves difficult, any beautiful, romantic, unusual setting, which is a win-win option, is suitable.

Original ways of recognition

There are many ways to make a beautiful, romantic proposal. If there are difficulties with the choice of an idea, a guy can always use ready-made ideas by choosing the one that will please the chosen one the most. Explore several classic and original ways of offering hands and hearts that do not require too much cash, but are able to please any girl.

  • At a concert of her favorite speakerphone group. This method can catch by surprise, cause a storm of positive emotions. A guy can organize this in many ways to achieve maximum effect:
    1. asking the organizers of the concert to let the groom to the microphone on the stage or in the booth of the sound engineer, from where he will utter the treasured words through the speakerphone;
    2. by means of a creeping line or special effects, asking to let them in between songs;
    3. make arrangements with the performers to introduce the groom, create a romantic mood, say a few words about love, or sing some simple romantic or fiery song with the groom. Often, artists do not refuse such requests, seeing the touching, the importance of the moment.

  • During a joint parachute jump. If a girl loves extreme sports, feeling the risk of parachuting is a great way to make the girl marry. It will be very original if the bridegroom, under the supervision of an instructor, attaches it next to the harness (it is better not to interfere with the system itself). And before jumping, he will ask his beloved if she will marry him. It is touching if the jump is joint, in conjunction. If the result is a failure, it is better not to jump, because excitement in such a situation is unacceptable.
  • Using balloons and flowers. Balloons, a bouquet - perfectly complement the feeling of happiness and celebration when she sees the treasured ring. Balloons filled with helium, a basket with flowers, a box with a ring, a note with cherished words and a hint at the groom’s location left in the place where the bride should come is a great way to give the event not only a romantic character, but also a playful, flirty shape.

  • Offer in a boat or boat. Boating on a boat, boat, yacht is a very romantic event, and even more so if lovers in the midst of water open spaces are alone. This is a great opportunity to call your beloved.
  • Compose a verse and place it on a banner. Poetry, which has long become a classic as a method of declaration of love, can be combined with the advantages of today - banners. To do this, you need to buy an advertising space, place a marriage proposal in verse, and create the conditions for the girl to be able to see this while being with her lover.

  • New Year's idea: hang a ring on a Christmas tree. If it was decided to make an offer in winter, a good way to decorate a Christmas tree and make an offer right away is to hang a wedding ring on it. An alternative may be toys in the form of rings or bagels decorated in such a way that they will certainly prompt the bride to the idea of ​​marriage. The guy should dress such a spruce himself, and after pronouncing the words, present the real ring.
  • Print the offer in her favorite magazine. It will be very impressive, a proposal of a hand to be printed in the bride’s favorite magazine will cause a surge of joy and pride. This is unexpected, pleasant, original, the girl will remember for a long time, and brag about this act of her lover.
  • Put a sentence out of candles. Romanticly ask the girl’s hands easily and at home. In advance, before her arrival, the guy should lay out a candle or heart from candles. Well complemented the romantic atmosphere of rose petals, glasses of champagne or wine, dinner or a buffet table. This way of making an offer will work on the street, in a cozy environment, in calm weather, at night or at sunset.

  • In the form of the inscription "Will you marry me?" under her window. The inscription “Will you marry me?” Written in paint, chalk, laid out with objects or balloons under the window will never stop touching girls. This way of making an offer is only suitable for those ladies who live on the second and higher floors of high-rise buildings. The song, flowers and the subsequent entertainment program will make the moment perfect.
  • Write a proposal on the ceiling with luminous stars. An unusual, unexpected, magical way to ask for hands is to put that very question on the ceiling with luminous stars that glow in the dark with neon light. They are easy to buy in stores for construction or decoration. The girl will certainly appreciate this beauty.
  • Upload the video to YouTube and send the girl a link. A proposal in the spirit of the latest trends in technological progress is to record everything on video and then upload it to YouTube. Firstly, it is very original, and will be a real surprise. Secondly, the solemn moment will remain forever fixed. It will be good if the guy thinks about the time of watching the video and appears on the threshold of the girl immediately after that to hear the answer to his proposal.

What gift to give a girl on this day

There is no need to give something other than an engagement engagement ring.However, if a guy wants to make the proposal day a real holiday, fill it with magic that will be remembered for his bride for a long time, he will be special in her life, he can give her additional gifts. Such presentations should not be basic and have any meaning. So, it’s better not to give this day:

  • Jewelry of another type, for example earrings, bracelet, as they will divert some attention from the main gift - the ring. For such presents it is better to choose any other day. In some cases, a suitable addition to an engagement ring will be a chain on which it can be suspended in cases where the bride is forced to remove jewelry (when bathing, washing, washing dishes).
  • Household appliances - this can be perceived as a hint of domestic marriage obligations.
  • Joint things (for example, a ticket to the resort, tickets for a concert where both lovers will go) - they are not a personal present, and can create a negative connotation ("You owe me that you can share my life with me"). If you want to please your girlfriend with a trip, don’t give it to her, but share the good news that the trip is planned.

After the beloved has agreed, it will be more appropriate to give:

  • A trip to the spa or to any other cosmetic procedures of a general nature that a lover can go for herself.
  • Perfumes that are remembered for their sensual aroma.
  • Flowers
  • A car, a fur coat or other expensive items (but not jewelry).

Video examples of beautiful offers to get married

An offer of a hand and a heart is always beautiful, whether it is taking the ring out as a waiter during a dinner in a restaurant or saying a cherished question on the shores of the azure sea. After all, the most important thing is a romantic mood, sincerity of feelings, the place only enhances this, as a beautiful frame adorns a beautiful diamond. The following are video examples that demonstrate well what a well-organized offer looks like in a restaurant, cinema, on the seashore. Such romantic moments will not leave the girl indifferent, and this is the key to a successful outcome of the day for the groom.

By the sea

In the restaurant

At the cinema

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