How to choose a private detective - hire, prices for services and activities

Any person at some stage in his life may need to sort things out with the help of a private detective. Detectives investigate what is happening from the outside, without arousing suspicion, providing answers to all the client's questions of concern. This article will answer the question: how to choose a private detective or a company (agency) for detective services, but not fall into the hands of scammers.

Private detective agency

Ideally, in order to provide such work, the association should have a staff of detectives who previously gave part of their lives to service in law enforcement agencies, and who have real experience in detective work there. Employees of such an agency must have a legal education, and the organization itself must necessarily have a license to carry out these activities. This document is required. A private detective agency is a company engaged in the provision of detective services to a customer.

Detective Agency Services

The tasks of detective agencies is to provide services to the customer in:

  • Conducting various kinds of independent investigations, both in the interests of individuals and the whole corporation, company.
  • Wanted man. It can be a missing relative, a hiding debtor, or just a person with whom you have ever lost contact.
  • Finding the necessary information. Such requirements are often made by people preparing for trial (for example, in a divorce proceedings). Also search for information inaccessible to a private person - from mobile operators, ticket offices, hotels, banks and others.
  • Checking the information with the help of dummies. This includes suspicions of a betrayal of the second half, which is often fed viewers from TV screens in television programs about private detectives.

The advantages of detective organizations include:

  • The staff allows the organization to conduct surveillance by several people. Sometimes you have to work for several days. Experienced associations are observed by two or three persons in shifts, thereby removing excess suspicion from the object.
  • Simultaneous investigation of several cases.
  • The presence of a larger set of devices.
  • Interaction with law enforcement agencies.

The cost of detective agency services varies, because each handles his own order, the complexity and features of which are unique. Not all organizations post their prices in the public domain. Amounts range from 7,000 rubles for the collection of any information and up to 25,000 for the search for people.

Detective agency website

Like any organization, the site should be, at a minimum, not repulsive. This issue is addressed by a separate employee. A detective agency website page may be suspicious if it contains the following:

  • An obsessive offer to contact on-line employees with a description of their problem (for example, to clarify the cost of an order).
  • Offer of services without a contract.
  • Indication as self-promotion among the means used those that are prohibited by law. For example, the installation of hidden video cameras or listening devices in apartments or offices without the knowledge of the owner is prohibited by law, so an organization offering such services should be suspicious.
  • The lack of information on the site about the registered license for the implementation of detective activities.

It is advisable that the site contains data:

  • owner of the company, his data;
  • full details of the price list for work;
  • experience and number of successful cases;
  • scan copy of the license;
  • Additional Information.

The site must meet all modern requirements. If the content is of high quality and has an open structure, reveals the transparency of its activities, contact phone number, email address, then the organization should be credible. Perhaps the site has reviews about the agency, this is normal, because it is easy to put together a complete picture of the activities of the association. If, when navigating a page, a screen prompts you to click on an unknown link, then this page should raise suspicion.

Private detective

This is a person with real experience in detective affairs, legal education and a license to conduct detective activities. The requirements for a private investigator are the same as for an agency. He must not violate the law in carrying out his activities. A private detective has no right to carry weapons.

For many, a private investigator associates with a detective agency. Yes, he is no different from him, only acts alone (or with a partner). In his activity, he often has to turn to third parties - criminalists, economists, to make a request to other bodies. A feature of the activity of a private investigator is that it is more often focused than an agency.

Private detective services

The list of services of a private detective is similar to the agency, however, the customer will have to look for the detective who deals with his subject. At first glance, you may get the feeling that choosing a private detective is a cheaper option than organizing, because he does not need to spend part of the money on the existence of the company. However, prices for services vary. It all depends on the need for information analysis, as this has to be dealt with by the same person.

Such types of work as surveillance of a registered person can cost less than at an agency - from 3,000 rubles, however, the search for debtors can cost 40,000 rubles. This price difference is understandable - a private investigator has less physical capabilities, so where more time, money and people are needed - the cost of the work will be much higher.

A professional investigator reserves the right to refuse an order. The activities of detectives are somehow related to the violation of certain laws. Nobody wants to be tried for the provision of services, therefore, if it is initially clear that the investigator is asked to investigate a criminal case, he may not be charged with it, because you will have to inform law enforcement agencies about this. A detective can conduct an independent investigation if the case is already being considered by the police.

Hire a private detective

Nowadays, hiring a private detective is easy through the World Wide Web or private newspaper ads. When searching, you must adhere to the same rules as when choosing a detective agency: the site should attract, have transparent information about the activity, its name, contacts, free consultation is desirable. You may have to start with registration. How to choose a private detective and protect yourself from scammers? It is worth meeting with the contractor and drawing up a contract in which you need to specify the subject and type of service, cost, terms and obligations of the parties.

Price of a private detective

The cost of work in Moscow (for example, a private detective agency Berkut) are within:

  • According to people, in order to obtain the necessary information - about 15,000 rubles.
  • Divorce proceedings - payment of about 20,000 rubles.
  • People search - about 25,000 rubles for work.
  • The collection of information about people (without supervision) is about 7,000 rubles (the collection of information for a court hearing can reach 20,000 rubles).

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