Evening dresses for obese girls with photos

Any girl wearing a feminine outfit will look elegant and attractive. Having a large size of clothes, she can choose evening dresses for those who are full: a correctly selected style will help remove flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure. On sale models for every taste are presented, for each case of life it is possible to choose the suitable option. For a complete figure, you need to carefully choose the length, silhouette and even color. Accessories, the right shoes will complement the feminine look.

Models of dresses for obese women - photo

Plus Size Evening Dress

The correctly selected style of the outfit will help to remove the imperfections of the figure; at any event, the woman will look presentable and elegant. Before you buy an evening dress for full girls in the catalog, you must definitely measure a similar model. For the summer season, choose lightweight natural fabrics that let air through. If you are talking about style, for example, with an emphasis on a thin waist and wide hips - give preference to a high landing and a bell skirt.

For budget shopping, it is better to choose online stores: this is a good option for buying clothes, since the assortment in such stores is large. The only negative is the lack of fitting, this is compared to chain stores, where it is rarely possible to find decent options for clothes of large sizes. Often, outfits from past collections remain on sale, so it’s more profitable to go shopping at the beginning of the release of new collections, when the old one is sold at discounts.

Wedding dresses for overweight women

Wedding day is important for every girl, anyone wants to look amazing. Evening wedding dresses are diverse, you can choose long or short, with lace, decorative elements. One of the most universal is an elongated silhouette to the floor with a high waist, ¾ sleeves, oval neckline. This option can be bought from the brand "White Avantage":

  • Name: A-silhouette with sleeves 02 LB03.
  • Cost: 28 450 r.
  • Features and description: lace top, corset to waist, loose skirt to the floor.
  • Pluses: convenient, corrects a figure.
  • Cons: unreliable corset lacing.

When choosing holiday dresses of large sizes, you need to consider the length - for a wedding celebration, knee length and below is appropriate. A figure with large shoulders will look great with a fitted top, belt, sleeve ¾ and wide skirt. Such an example can be found with the brand "Juno" in the store "House of Vesta":

  • Name: Juno, wedding dress 678.
  • Price: 34 900 r.
  • Description: fitted top, sleeves ¾ mesh, long skirt, white and peach colors.
  • Pros: natural silk, elegant design of sleeves with mesh.
  • Cons: the corset does not look good at all.

A short

Not only representatives of miniature sizes are knee-length. For ladies-owners of size XL and larger, short evening dresses are presented that do not look vulgar, even hide flaws. An example would be an instance of Bodyflirt:

  • Name: Article 94762595.
  • Prices: 2 255 p.
  • Characteristics: black with silver or gold stripes to choose from, fabric 86% polyamide, 90 cm in length.
  • Pros: the print corrects the figure and creates an elegant image.
  • Cons: not for any figure.

The classic version is a button-down collar; the top resembles a shirt, a loose skirt, a belt, a sleeve ¾. This style is similar to the style, looks good on almost any girl, except the one with the figure "rectangle". Shop "Asos" offers:

  • Title: Miss Selfridge Petite 998423 Strap Dress.
  • Cost: 3000 r.
  • Characteristics: gray, ties on the sleeves, 10 buttons on the front, elastic fabric, high waist.
  • Pros: combines business and casual style.
  • Cons: a large percentage of polyester in the composition.

Middle length

Girls with large shapes prefer medium length. The assortment of evening dresses of medium length has many options for any figure. For women with a large top and thin legs, models with a wide skirt are suitable. For example, the brand "Po pogode" introduced this option:

  • Title: Po Pogode 3789104.
  • Price: 1500 r.
  • Characteristics and description: solid red color, 80% wool in the composition, neckline "V-shaped", sleeve ¾.
  • Pros: combines office and casual style.
  • Cons: not everyone will like the shade.

Before you buy an outfit, you need to pay attention to color, print. In order not to emphasize completeness, it is better to choose neutral colors, avoid white or a horizontal striped print. The ASOS online store has plenty to choose from, for example:

  • Name: SKU: 866263 Vertical Striped Maxi.
  • Price: 3462 r.
  • Description: peach hue, straps with ruffles.
  • Pros: spacious, appropriate for the hot season.
  • Cons: not for an hourglass figure.


It is believed that the floor length is the best for those who wear large sizes. When choosing long large evening dresses, pay attention to an oversized fit with a light skirt made of thin fabric. Good example from ASOS:

  • Name: product with a high waist 942182.
  • Price: 6 540 r.
  • Characteristics: crop top embroidered with decorative elements, blue chiffon skirt.
  • Pros: visually removes kilograms.
  • Cons: made of polyester.

Elegant dresses for overweight women are diverse, for any event the owner of such a figure will be able to find an option that will hide the problems and emphasize the positive qualities. Black color is universal, it is ideal for a weekend and can even remove extra pounds. Pay attention to the evening version from the Asos brand:

  • Name: ASOS free sundress maxi length 1016808.
  • Price: 2470 r.
  • Specifications and description: black color, deep neckline at the back, length to the shin with a neckline to the knee on the side, cape.
  • Pros: free, convenient.
  • Cons: 80% polyester.


In summer, overweight girls often wear closed clothing, which is uncomfortable to be in. But in a variety of styles and colors, everyone can find a creative, original summer evening solution. In order not to be hot, it is better to prefer cotton, taffeta, chiffon or viscose. The model from "BPC" is suitable for this description:

  • Name: Article 91286895.
  • Price: 995 p.
  • Features and description: black, knitted, knee-length, made of African cotton, the front length is shorter, sleeveless, oval neckline.
  • Pros: convenient in hot weather.
  • Cons: machine wash only.

Sundresses from light fabric are good for a summer evening walk. In summer, you can experiment with a shade. For example, a cocktail version from the elite brand of Tahir is made of viscose, which lets air through:

  • Title: Complete Happiness, Tamira.
  • Cost: 5000 r.
  • Characteristics: 65% viscose, 30% polyester, 5% elastane, size from 50 to 62, knee length, short sleeve, green and blue colors, belt assembly on elastic.
  • Pros: comfortable, flying.
  • Cons: rear closure.

High waisted

Each woman has her own suitable styles. For example, recently high-rise clothing has come into fashion - jeans, shorts, skirts, sundresses. High landing visually lengthens legs, creates a more feminine and graceful silhouette. High-waisted dresses are a good way out of the situation with the figure of an hourglass, or triangle. Good example from "TAILLISSIME":

  • Name: Denim Dress.
  • Cost: 3 105 p.
  • Characteristics: denim 80%, color dark blue, on buttons.
  • Pros: quality fabric.
  • Cons: inaccuracy of size.

A high waist can correct body imperfections, such as wide hips, too large breasts, and a slightly pronounced waist. High landing is often highlighted with a belt or print. Another option from "Madech", which can be bought in the online store "Wildberries":

  • Name: Madech Article 3924525.
  • Price: 3 915 p.
  • Features: rear zipper, black color, knee-length, sleeveless.
  • Pros: hides the stomach, visually enlarges the chest.
  • Cons: polyester in the composition.


There are materials and finishes that instantly create a feminine, elegant look. When choosing lace dresses for overweight women, you need to consider the variety of lace, color and quantity. Often they look vulgar, defiant, but there are very cute ones that are appropriate for evening events:

  • Title: Miss Selfridge 1027380.
  • Price: 4 235 r.
  • Features and description: 63% polyamide, white lace, flared bottom, translucent with lining.
  • Pluses: convenient, easy.
  • Cons: polyester lining.

You can buy a large evening gown in online catalogs with mail delivery, but first it’s better to measure a similar style and see how it will look on the figure. Women with a trapezoidal figure need a silhouette that distracts attention from wide hips. An example from ASOS is:

  • Name: Lace Midi 959054.
  • Price: 5 800 r.
  • Features and description: lace skirt with lining, trapezoidal top shape.
  • Pros: emphasizes the waist, visually lengthens the legs.
  • Cons: Looks bad on women with large breasts.


Each of us wants to look luxurious, especially when it comes to evening events. Fashionable evening dresses for overweight girls include cocktail models, short, long, medium. The color of this outfit is often plain. "Sheego" has released an article that perfectly matches this description:

  • Title: Sheego 402394263.
  • Price: 4 800 rubles.
  • Characteristics: long, without neckline, edging with stones, cut with a button.
  • Pros: can be worn by pregnant women.
  • Cons: plump if worn without a belt.

Often chic concert outfits are sewn with a bow on the back or front of the belt, but they look advantageous on figures with a pronounced waist (for example, an hourglass). Velvet, velor pieces are already out of fashion, it is better to prefer viscose, cotton, silk. A striking example from "Vis-a-vis":

  • Name: Vis-à-vis Article 1881816.
  • Price: 3 000 r.
  • Features and description: 70% polyester, green, coral, in the middle a large black bow.
  • Pluses: emphasizes a waist.
  • Cons: not for hot weather.


In order to look stylish and beautiful, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a wardrobe. Inexpensive evening dresses for overweight girls can be found at a small cost. Sometimes you can order in online stores, from the catalog - it is much cheaper, and the choice is very wide. The low-cost option from ASOS has the following features:

  • Name: ASOS Straight Midi Dress 872826.
  • Cost: 1735 p.
  • Description: color - nude, below the knees, short sleeve, there is a belt.
  • Pros: universal, easy.
  • Cons: polyester in the composition.

Cheap models are sold in Chinese online stores. Even larger sizes of any clothing, including sundresses, skirts, remain in chain stores because they are not bought up, they are not popular, from the old collections you can find good items at great discounts. The universal exit option is a strict outfit from Avigal:

  • Title: Avigal.
  • Price: 1500 r.
  • Features and description: рукав sleeve, black gold-plated jersey, tie on the stomach and chest, size 54.
  • Pros: universal, optimal length.
  • Cons: will not hide the flaws, polyester - 75%.

How to choose an exit dress

In order for the outfit to emphasize the charming roundness and hide the unnecessary, you should adhere to the criteria for buying large-sized clothes. To choose the right evening dresses of large size, pay attention to the points:

  • for the full lower part of the legs, only the maxi length is suitable;
  • large hips hide with flying skirts, a contrasting top - it will distract attention from the hips;
  • women with full arms should prefer models with a sleeve ¾, made of thick fabric;
  • To adjust the silhouette, models with dark stripes on the sides that outline a feminine figure are suitable.

The color scheme can be varied. For important events, it is recommended to prefer neutral shades, as well as classic black, white, nude, burgundy, brown. Fashionable models can be bought inexpensively not only in branded, but also in ordinary stores on sales. Bright colors are suitable only for the hot season, it is better to avoid ruffling - they only add extra pounds, but if you need to visually increase the chest, you can choose sundresses with ruffles on the top and drapes from the bottom.



Marina, 28 years old. I bought an autumn dress-hoodie for every day, so that the skin could breathe. It is made of viscose, nothing has happened to him for a year, there are no spools. It is easiest to first select your favorite style online on the Internet, measure in a store in Moscow, then order through an online store. The model came in shape, looks elegant.
Alina, 30 years For me, buying evening dresses is always a test. It is difficult to find youth dresses in clothing stores of sizes XL; they are more designed for older women. If old collections are sold in Belarusian stores, inexpensive models of large sizes always remain. So I find decent holiday options.
Kristina, 25 years For my prom, I chose a dress for a long time. I have a figure like an hourglass, I chose a model with a high waist: combined from above with a long skirt to the floor from flying, light fabric. It emphasizes the chest, hides wide hips, beautifully develops in the wind. I bought cheaply in one of the Internet directories of St. Petersburg on the stock.
Alexandra, 32 years old: I had to choose a wedding dress. I tried many options, but not everyone suited me, I do not have a pronounced waist. But I created it myself - I chose a white model, with a fluffy skirt of a high landing, with a beautiful belt with a large bow in front. Visually it took a couple of extra pounds, a silhouette stretched out, a more feminine look was created.

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