Men's glasses 2019: fashion trends

When choosing wardrobe items, attention needs to be paid to every little thing, and the purchase of accessories is an important point, allowing you to complete a previously thought out image. Sunglasses for men are not only protection against bright light, it is fashionable, stylish and comfortable. It is desirable to give preference to quality products of trusted brands.

Sunglasses - men's glasses 2019

Not every representative of the stronger sex is ready to purchase such a catchy accessory, and those who have already acquired such a thing do not represent a single exit to the street without it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s winter or summer, men's sunglasses from the sun all year round at the peak of popularity, and the range of products pleasantly surprises even the most sophisticated buyers. This fashion accessory can be purchased in a specialized boutique or purchased in an online store at a more affordable price. The choice is up to the buyer, but first you should familiarize yourself with the products declared in the free sale.


If a man leads an active lifestyle, chooses a laid-back sporty style of clothing, then buying accessories should also be taken with utmost responsibility - to observe one stylistic direction. This rule applies to cases when you have to buy sunglasses for men. In addition, pay attention to quality so that the valuable thing lasts not a single season. Below are sports sunscreen models that in the modern world occupy a leading position in terms of sales. Here is the first option:

  • Bradex SF 0156 black;
  • price - 636 p.;
  • characteristics - polarizing, sports, the presence of a case;
  • pluses - stylish design, fashionable men's frames, universal lens shape, affordable cost;
  • cons - no.

The competitor of these products are such stylish glasses for men of sports:

  • Polaroid Sports 15 P7216B (sports);
  • price - 2 200 r .;
  • characteristics - mirror, sports, quality assurance, rubberized metal temples;
  • main advantages - protect your eyes from UV radiation, original design, high quality;
  • cons - not everyone has an affordable price.

Another option for every day, optimal for the strong, confident and energetic:

  • McLaren 004 2171
  • price - 6,200 r .;
  • specifications - premium glasses, included lenses, durable arches;
  • pluses - ideal for active sports, stylish design;
  • cons - there is no correction of visual acuity, high cost of production.

From the sun

If a man is not a supporter of sports, this does not mean that the choice of accessories should be treated superficially. For example, you can buy fashionable sunglasses from the sun, which will become an indispensable thing on a sultry summer day. Fashion in the summer dictates its own rules, and it is advisable to give preference to original frames and high-quality lenses with the possibility of correcting visual acuity (this is at will or if necessary). Here are the best positions in the chosen direction:

  • Cafa France Men's;
  • price - 1,200 rubles .;
  • characteristics - polarization model, brown rectangular lenses, metal or plastic frame;
  • pluses - protection of vision from ultraviolet and glare, creating the effect of the sun, reasonable price;
  • cons - the form is not suitable for all interested men.

There are other 2019 models that are universal, perfectly match any ovals and face shape. It:

  • Prada SPR 21PS 1AB-0A7;
  • price - 15 000 r .;
  • characteristics - the presence of earhooks, a black frame, a polarization model without glare;
  • pluses - an assortment of designs and colors, the trend is not the first season;
  • cons - the high cost of production.


This is ideal for a thin face shape, when you want to at least visually give it a feeling of fullness. Rimless sunglasses are considered a "classic of the genre", so purchase a suitable model in any specialized optics store and beyond. Glasses can be dark and light, but someone generally chooses the stylistic direction of the chameleon. Here are some good options:

  • Fendissime;
  • price - 4,500 p .;
  • characteristics - combined frames made of plastic and metal, polymer lenses, protection against ultraviolet radiation, Italy;
  • pluses - stylish design, the ability to choose the color of the lenses, high quality;
  • cons - overpriced.

The competing model of men's glasses in 2019 at a more tangible price is presented below, it is also in demand among the masses, especially among young people:

  • Tom Ford 380 28F
  • price - 13 000 r .;
  • characteristics - protection from sunlight, horn temples, polarizing lenses;
  • pluses - fashionable glasses for men of the famous Ford brand, high quality;
  • cons - high cost.


Many representatives of the stronger sex in the photo and in life prefer to look stylish and catchy, to feel inner self-confidence. The choice of stylish men's sunglasses plays an important role in a given direction, so you should not save on your own image and order a high-quality model from the catalog. Here are the winning men's positions:

  • Fabretti;
  • price - 2,000 rubles;
  • characteristics - aviators, a high degree of protection against sunlight, reliable fastening of metal arches, brown lenses, a napkin and a case in stock;
  • pluses - the model is inexpensive, but it looks catchy and impressive;
  • cons - no.

Here are one more points of 2019, which managed to win national love as soon as possible:

  • Matrix Polarized;
  • price - 2 500 r .;
  • characteristics - size correction, high quality Matrix products, strong arms and reliable frames, a cover and a napkin are available.
  • pluses - an excellent adaptation for safe driving while driving in sunny weather;
  • cons - no.


In their desire to emphasize the courageous silhouette, representatives of the stronger sex for a long time choose the most suitable glasses from the sun. The choice is not easy, especially since I want to stand out from the crowd, to become noticeable and significant. Men's mirrored glasses - the perfect solution. The model is convenient and practical, intriguingly hides a sharp masculine look. The first model that I would like to focus on is the Serengeti brand. So:

  • Serengeti;
  • price - 11 500 r .;
  • characteristics - photochromic and polarization lenses, optimal clarity of vision, eye protection from sunlight;
  • pluses - they look spectacular, are characterized by high strength and wear resistance, reflect glare when driving;
  • cons - high cost.

If there is an urgent need for the selection of mirror glasses in 2019, here is what professional fashion connoisseurs offer:

  • IC 668S 03 (Iceberg);
  • price - 7,000 rubles;
  • characteristics - aviators, metal shackles, gray case, mirrored glass, the presence of a cover and a napkin;
  • pluses - stylish design, price commensurate with quality, long service life;
  • cons - not everyone has an affordable cost of goods.

Learn from the video how to choose sunglasses.

Men's glasses for sight -

Sun protection is not the only requirement for this kind of product. Before choosing sunglasses for a man, it is important to remember visual acuity. With obvious problems from the field of ophthalmology, it does not hurt to consult a doctor. In the modern world, men's glasses for sight have a stylish design, transform their owner, make his appearance spectacular and presentable. Below are excellent options for glasses for men for every day, which simultaneously perform a protective and corrective function.


In order to see the world clearly and not experience an inferiority complex, it is recommended to purchase branded glasses for vision, which will emphasize the individuality of the man and harmoniously combine with the usual style in clothes. In the modern world, many brands are declared, each of which seeks to offer high-quality, long-term products. Below are the running models that are perfect for every day:

  • Ray-Ban 6285 2502 Active Lifestyle;
  • price - 9,000 rubles;
  • characteristics - semi-rimless silver-colored frame, transparent lenses, manufacturer - Italy;
  • pluses - high quality material, progressive design, long service life;
  • cons - overpriced.

Here are competing products, which also have a number of positive characteristics:

  • Silhouette Supreme 5236 6050;
  • price - 11 000 rubles .;
  • specifications - bezelless frame made of titanium, reading lenses, lightness of the model, production - Austria;
  • pluses - a convenient and practical option for every day;
  • cons - high cost.


If the need for such a correction device arose at a young age, adolescents strive to pick up something stylish, once again emphasize their own personality. Stylish glasses for vision prevail in a large assortment, it remains only to correctly determine the favorites. Here are worthy contenders for such an honorable fate:

  • Gunnar by Razer RPG;
  • price - 8 000 rubles .;
  • characteristics - strong arms, transparent lenses of the required parameters, the presence of a cover and a napkin;
  • pluses - long service life, requested visual acuity;
  • cons - are expensive.

Another model that interests the older generation:

  • Polaroid PLD 1S 012 3ZU;
  • price - 3,500 rubles .;
  • characteristics - temples made of high quality plastic, thin lenses, black frame (blue inside);
  • pluses - stylish design, clear vision, reasonable price, size range;
  • cons - no.


Such progressive models are classics of the genre, expand the field of view of the buyer. Round men's glasses are more suitable for narrow faces, the presence of a frame is only welcome. To increase visual acuity, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist, undergo diagnostics, and choose the best option. Below are the products of well-known brands, which are in great demand. Here is the first option:

  • Ray-Ban RX6363 2861;
  • price - 8 000 r .;
  • characteristics - high-quality plastic frames, color choice, hypoallergenic material of the arms, thin lenses;
  • pluses - a stylish look, long service life;
  • cons - high cost.

The second, no less popular model of Harry Potter, in modern ophthalmology is presented below:

  • Infinity M8201;
  • price - 1 000 r .;
  • characteristics - thin arches made of hypoallergenic material, bifocal lenses, convenient design, affordable size range;
  • pluses - they look original, are the trend of the season, are inexpensive;
  • cons - no.

The most fashionable

With problems from the field of ophthalmology, each person seeks to choose the best model for every day, so as not to experience an inferiority complex, increase visual acuity, and be somewhat transformed. Men's glasses can be purchased at a specialized optics store, individually choose your option. The assortment is huge, but the following items are considered favorites:

  • Bristol;
  • price - 5 500 r .;
  • characteristics - hand-made frame, high-quality plastic temples, 1 year warranty;
  • pluses - a stylish male model, long service life;
  • cons - high cost.

According to statistics and the latest trends, the most fashionable glasses for sight are as follows:

  • Wellington;
  • price - 5 500 rubles .;
  • characteristics - performance in two colors, assortment of size range, high-quality plastic frames, thin lenses;
  • pluses - spectacular appearance, increased visual acuity, affordable price;
  • cons - no.

How to choose men's glasses

The selection of such ophthalmic products requires special responsibility. It is preliminary important to find out which glasses are in fashion, and which of the proposed models are more suitable for the silhouette of the face in a particular case. You can use the help of a specialist or decide on your own favorite. The main selection criteria are presented below:

  1. Lenses should be glass or plastic, increased impact strength is only welcome.
  2. If the men's glasses are marked UV400, this means that the purchase will provide reliable protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation;
  3. When choosing a model for sun protection, it is important to remember that green and gray lenses have become favorites in a given direction.
  4. Glasses should correspond to appearance, be in harmony with preferences in clothes, create a single ensemble.
  5. It is advisable to buy a men's accessory in specialized optics stores, exclude the acquisition of cheap fakes.


Andrey, 35 years old Last summer I bought sunglasses from the leto brand sun. The issue price is 700 rubles, but there are no complaints about the quality and everyday wear. Convenient and practical design, reflects glare, I put it on even on a sunny day. So do not overpay for the sensational brands, when you can save on the purchase, but not the quality of the goods.
Maxim, 37 years old. Recently I saw male wooden frames in optics and was very surprised. For me, this is a novelty from the manufacturer Feel Wood. I did not dare to buy, but it is very interesting to listen to the reviews of people who have already used such a device to protect the eyes from the sun and ultraviolet radiation. The price is low, but is there any point in buying such stylish frames?
Artem, 27 years old. I have Polaroids, I am pleased with such an expensive purchase. This is an ideal male option - they look stylish and elegant, I’ve been wearing for many years and I’m not overjoyed. I can’t even imagine another purchase, all the more, the men's news of this brand regularly appear, which please not only with design, but also with high quality.