Women's and men's fashion cardigans 2019

Things that were popular in the 90s and 00s are gradually returning to the podiums. So, among the trends of 2019, cardigans again turned out to be. Today, designers propose not to be limited to classics and create new styles, borrowing them from coats and jackets. To make a cardigan look stylish, and not greetings from the past, learn how to choose and wear it.

2019 trends

  • Liberty. Do not fasten all buttons - only 1-2 or do not do this at all. The exception is the preppy style, where a cardigan over a shirt replaces a school vest.

  • Layering. Do not be afraid to add details to the image if the weather is cool. Put on a T-shirt under a cardigan, an unbuttoned shirt, throw a scarf around your neck.
  • Negligence. Leave the knitted product to fall freely from one shoulder: it looks very seductive when wearing a light top or a strapless dress below.

Trendy Decor Elements

  • Tassels. They are added along the hem or on the sleeves to openwork elongated models that perfectly complement summer looks, especially beach ones.

  • Buttons. The larger and more original, the more interesting.
  • Fur. Sew a peculiar collar or add individual fluffy balls to your pockets to get a fashionable women's cardigan in 2019. The look is complete if you wear suede mules with the same decor.
  • Texture. Volumetric pattern is gaining popularity. This year, focus on large "braids" or openwork webs.

Trend Prints

  • Strip. Vertical will stretch the figure and increase growth, and horizontal is recommended only to slim girls.

  • Cell. It is desirable that it be muffled and large, otherwise it will give extra volume.
  • Lettering. Large letters, words or small calligraphic lines that cannot be read from a distance often complement new oversize or bathrobe models.
  • Animal print. Be careful with it - it requires restraint in the colors of related things. If you are unsure of your sense of style, choose prints in muted shades.


  • Thin knitwear. Beautiful summer cardigans come out of the flowing, well-draped fabric.

  • Suede leather. Often used as the basis for models with an asymmetrical edge or just for decoration.
  • Mohair. Fluffy voluminous cardigans for slim girls.
  • Cashmere. Products are soft, thin, but warm.
  • Tweed. Thick fabric suitable for classic looks.
  • Wool. They knit warm clothes from it in the fall - winter.

Best cardigans 2019

The classic in the form of a shortened model with a V-neck is back in fashion, but besides it, designers advise:

  • Elongated. Modern cardigans for women are popular with young people, often replace a jacket or thin coat.

  • Asymmetric. Give the image lightness and dynamics.
  • Overseas. These include cardigans, cocoons, capes, ponchos. Be careful - such things can make the figure too large.

Shortened models

A classic cardigan is often sewn from thin knitwear. The standard version of the fastener is on small buttons. Some models of this type have a thin knitted belt at the waist. Sleeves to the wrist or 3/4 length. This is a fashionable basic cardigan of 2019, which will remain in trend for the next season, but you need to be able to wear it.

Tips stylists:

  • Avoid combining with long tops and T-shirts - this simplifies the image, violates the harmonious proportions of the figure.

  • The ideal clothes for a shortened cardigan are light dresses of bright colors or trouser overalls. A high-rise pencil skirt will look good.

Poncho Cardigans

Thanks to their cut, they are comfortable, hide the flaws of the figure, but if used improperly, they will add extra volume. Such cardigans are perfectly combined with dresses, trousers, jeans, transform office images. Full girls are recommended to choose products from thin fabric, and slender ones - large textured knitting.

Tips stylists:

  • To prevent a fashionable poncho cardigan from adding extra volume, wear a wide (preferably in a contrasting color) belt at the waist. This is especially important for checkered models.

  • In the cold season, an ensemble of cardigan-poncho, tight trousers, turtlenecks, high boots will do. In summer, fitted dresses and classic boats are appropriate.
  • Avoid extra volume from below, especially if the figure is not proportional, the hips or legs are full.

Cardigan coat

There is no lining for such a product, so it will warm only at a positive temperature, but it is suitable for early autumn. Sew it from thin tweed, and knit it from wool, often with acrylic, which makes the silhouette softer. The length of the cardigan coat varies from knee to ankles, a hood is allowed. Wear straight jeans, turtlenecks or knitted dresses, tight colored tights under such a thing. Harmoniously, she will look in a sports style, sneakers will not spoil the image.

Cardigan Robe

A popular model for men and women, suitable for everyday wear. An elongated silhouette gives the image relaxation, looks good even on miniature people, because it visually increases growth. The main thing - do not fasten such a cardigan on all buttons so that the cocoon does not turn out.

Other styling tips:

  • The optimal length is up to the knee or 2-3 fingers lower if your height is above average.

  • To stretch the silhouette more strongly, the products make a vertical border around the edge.
  • The fashionable long cardigan of 2019 is in the casual style, so wear it with straight jeans (torn, shabby in summer), loose t-shirts, sneakers. Wear a turtleneck in the cold season. This tip is relevant for both sexes.

With smell

Such models are suitable for women of any age and physique. Diagonal lines visually stretch the figure, add emphasis on the waist. Be careful: if the model is not classic and the smell is made at the shoulder, it will expand the chest.

What to wear with such a cardigan depends on the fabric and style:

  • Short of thin knitwear goes well with the skirt, the sun, which further emphasizes the waist.

  • Wear a long, knit, wraparound shoulder with skinny jeans or leggings and heels.
  • The shortened asymmetric model is complemented by fitted dresses to the knee length.


Sport chic remains fashionable in 2019, so feel free to add a cardigan of this style to your wardrobe:

  • Coarse vertical knit patterns will look as harmonious as possible with leggings, a loose T-shirt and sneakers, with a home suit in pajama style.

  • With patch pockets, hood and belt resemble a cropped robe. Skinny jeans and turtlenecks will suit them.
  • Long openwork with a hood convenient for trips to the sea.

Oversize models

The most fashionable images of 2019 lack a clear silhouette, completely hide the figure. They can have an asymmetric edge, lowered shoulders, a voluminous collar. The disadvantage of such models is that they visually make the figure larger, therefore they are suitable only for slim girls.

To make an oversized cardigan look stylish, remember a few points:

  • Do not wear voluminous items under it.. If jeans, then straight or skinny, if a skirt, then fitted, and not the sun. In summer, such a cardigan looks great with denim shorts and a plain t-shirt, the image is ideal for walking around the city.

  • Do not buy oversized coarse wool with short stature, choose thin knitted patterns.
  • Don't be afraid to combine a voluminous, long cardigan with office trousers and shirts, he will soften the severity of the business image.

With drapery effect

Fashionable styles of cardigans in the new season replenished with elongated front models. They combine a fit to the silhouette and freedom of lines, so they look good on full girls. Due to the elongation in the front, do not wear draped cardigans with shorts or miniskirts. It is important to emphasize and extend the vertical lines, so your choice is pants and skinny jeans. Heeled shoes are optional.

Tips stylists:

  • If you wear a long pencil skirt in the office, hold the drapery with a thin belt at the waist.

  • Avoid frills and flounces, especially on a top or blouse - this will break the lines.

Cape Cardigans

Such models, like the poncho, look like a light multi-layer cloak, so they are actively gaining popularity among girls. They also need to be worn carefully: loose fit can play a trick, adding extra volume on top. To prevent this from happening, a tight-fitting turtleneck, t-shirt or fitted shirt is put under a cardigan. Below - a pencil skirt, skinny jeans or basic pants with arrows. Ideally, heels can be added.

Try pastel color caps with pearls if you prefer a classic look. Such a cardigan will perfectly complement the sheath dress. In the fall, don’t be afraid to combine voluminous scarves with a cape, but be sure to remove the hair up to open the neck.

Cardigans Vests

In 2019, such a thing does not leave the wardrobe of fashionistas. This is a great alternative to a classic cardigan - elegant, fits into almost any style. The vest sewn from thin knitwear in black will decorate an office set from a skirt with a shirt, walking jeans with a t-shirt. It is better not to combine such a cardigan with dresses, unless it is a case with a long sleeve.

Tips stylists:

  • With a dense product, it is better to wear a thin turtleneck and tight pants or jeans so as not to add extra volume to the figure.

  • Color stylish models in the form of an elongated vest will suit slim girls and will become an excellent accent in the monochrome gamut of the office ensemble.
  • Products with geometric patterns and bright prints are a good choice for the summer, with cotton shorts and a T-shirt, sandals and a wide-brimmed hat.